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Chimney Restoration, Repairs, Rebuilding and Resurfacing

Expert Chimney Restoration, Repairs, Rebuilding and Resurfacing

Chimney Restoration with Stone Veneer
Chimney Restoration using Stone Veneer
Chimney Repair and Resurfacing
Stone Veneer Chimney Restoration
Chimney Restoration using Stone Veneer
Chimney Repair and Restoration

Exterior Masonry Restoration and Chimney Repair for New Jersey and New York Homes and Commercial Buildings

The Problem: Over time, your chimney will deteriorate due to the effects of aging and weather: rain, snow, wind… even sun. In winter, the freeze and thaw process will expand and contract the joints between the bricks in your chimney, causing cracks, gaps and disintegration of the mortar. All of this can lead to water penetration into your home, and the continued weakening and decay of your chimney.

The Solution: Choose Garden State Brickface and Siding, with almost 65 years as one of New Jersey and New York’s premier masonry companies. After a thorough inspection, we will recommend a solution to completely repair, restore and rejuvenate the exterior masonry of your chimney. After we repair any loose or damaged brickwork and re-point the masonry, we will resurface your chimney with your choice of our high quality Brickface, Stucco, Stone Veneer, or Hardcoat exterior surfaces.

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Our Chimney Restoration and Repair Services

Thorough inspection of chimney exterior

Inspect for leaks

Brick pointing and restoration

Install chimney crowns and caps

Repair flashing and waterproofing

Replace broken, cracked or crumbling (spalling) bricks

Resurface or restore chimney exterior with your choice of masonry products

Choose Brickface, Stucco, Stone Veneer, Hardcoat or a custom combination

Seal the exterior with an Acrylic Elastomeric coating, if desired

Residential Properties, including Single and Multi-family Homes

Commercial and Office Buildings

Warning Signs of Chimney Damage

How to Evaluate Your Chimney’s Condition

What to Look For

  • Cracked or broken bricks
  • Crumbling (spalling) bricks
  • Efflorescence or white staining
  • Loose, cracked or missing mortar
  • Missing or cracked crown
  • Missing or damaged cap
  • Water leaking down chimney into furnace

You’re Only a Call or Click Away from Loving Your Newly Remodeled Home.

Please note: Garden State Brickface and Siding is not a chimney sweep. Our services are restricted to the repair, restoration, installation or resurfacing of your chimney’s masonry: bricks, mortar, chimney flashing, crowns and caps.

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