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The art of stuccoing walls is centuries old. It was practiced in Europe, and then was introduced to the US by our founding fathers.

Since Garden State Brickface's beginning in 1953, we've refined and modernized the traditional stucco methods. We use our experience and state-of-the-art equipment to continually develop improved methods and better products.

This means you get the highest quality, state-of-the-art stucco product applied to your home to give you a maintenance free, extremely durable home exterior that you can be proud of.

Stucco is available in 19 colors. Using natural pigments Garden State Brickface can create almost any color. We can customize the look to a desired pattern of your choice. A custom toning process of hand applying your choice of available colors to your chosen pattern is available.
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Garden State Brickface's stucco is a masonry process of two or three applications of hand-trowelled
"INSTANT-CRETE FORMULA" in a choice of colors.

"INSTANT-CRETE FORMULA" Cementitious Material
is a hard, durable non-toxic exterior surfacing of a
unique formula exclusive to Garden State Brickface.

Step One* - An application, or scratch coat, of "Instant-Crete Formula" is applied, allowed to set-up slightly and then “scratched”.

Step Two - A color coat of specially tinted "Instant-Crete Formula" is applied to the scratch coat by hand, allowed to set-up slightly and immediately followed by the next application.

Step Three - The finish or texture coat of the same tinted "Instant-Crete Formula Stucco" is decoratively applied. For some surface textures, it is allowed to set slightly and then finished in the specified texture or "finish".

*Ask about our 405C Two Coat application.

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