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Extior parapet wall conditions prior to Brick repair, pointing, and Hard Stucco

4 Reasons for Facade Renovations in New Jersey

Extior parapet wall conditions prior to Brick repair, pointing, and Hard Stucco

Major repairs on buildings and parking garages can cause serious issues for property owners and managers, such as tenant disruption, safety concerns and unexpected costs. However, building restoration in Long Island can help businesses avoid these headaches. Below are several indicators that a building could use preventive maintenance, detailed repairs or facade renovation in New Jersey.

Signs of a Leak

When a building has a leak, it’s a clear indication that the building needs restoration. The longer a leak is left untended, the more expensive the repairs may be. If exposed metal is rusting and there are stains on the walls, it may be time for facade restoration in New York.

Failing Expansion Joints

A failed expansion joint gives water another way to get through to a building’s steel reinforcements. Repairing the joints is simpler than resolving issues created by steel corrosion. Detecting these problems and repairing them quickly will provide long-term benefits in building appearance and structural integrity.

Cracked, Delaminated and Spalled Concrete

All concrete has the potential to crack during its lifetime. Spalled or delaminated concrete is that which actually separates from the building’s facade. Along with these issues, concrete can develop horizontal or vertical cracks over time. Such issues can cause structural damage if left untreated; therefore, it’s important to get building restoration in New Jersey as soon as problems are detected.

Exposed Reinforcing Steel

If steel rebar is visible on a building, it’s a problem that warrants immediate attention. When reinforcing steel is introduced to water, concrete can crack and water can get into the rebar. As it expands, the rebar can cause additional damage to the building, which in turn causes more corrosion. It’s important to correct these issues as soon as possible.

The goal of facade renovation in Long Island is to keep water away from the building’s reinforcing steel. The cycle of damage does not stop on its own, and the longer the signs of damage are ignored, the more costly and extensive the repairs become. Recent technological advances such as sealants and coatings have given companies new ways to extend the life of historic buildings.

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