While most homeowners pay considerable attention to interior decorating, they often miss out on the value of remodeling the outside of their home. Your home’s exterior is what determines the first impression. So why not consider some of these ways to spruce up your home’s curb appeal:

1. Incorporate An Outdoor Fireplace

Do you love spending some time curled up in front of an indoor fireplace? Well, then you will definitely love an outdoor fireplace! It’s like a campfire, just more suave and less likely to go out soon.

Not only does an outdoor fire provide some much-needed warmth when you want to enjoy fresh outdoor air in chilly weather, it also adds elegance to the exterior. As a design example, you can choose a stone veneer for an artistic, natural look.

2. Add In Accents

Have small water features installed, or maybe add in a few strategically place sculptures? These do not have to have a high impact on the cost. Check online décor sites to get an idea of outdoor décor, and consider visiting salvage shops and yards to get what you need.

3. Include Various Seating Options

Add different types of seating, according to the size of your yard. Moreover, you are not limited to a certain type of furnishing. Mix in chairs, benches and even stools.

stylish home exterior containers4. Place Containers

Consider some add-ons for your home’s exterior in the form of some stylish containers. You do not necessarily have to add those round natural clay pots. Go for abstract-shaped and bold-colored containers which suit the overall exterior. Add in some vibrant flowers and arrange these in a systematic manner around the edges and ledges.

5. Mix And Match Textures

Most homeowners shy away from incorporating textures, given the doubts about cleaning and maintenance. However, textured surfaces finished off with quality protective materials, such as dust and heat resistant coatings, can be quite tasteful.

Refurbish those plain old painted walls too! Consider adding a brickface veneer to the front or back exterior walls. A touch of old architecture to a modern design is a contrast that is pleasing to any eye. In addition, you can opt for high quality siding in a variety of colors and textures that looks great while resisting harsh weather elements.

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