For any homeowner who knows to look out for their property, one of your concerns during fall should be the condition of your gutters and leaders, and to manage the debris that falls in them.

Here are some details that you should learn so you know the warning signs.

What to Look Out for When Taking Care of Your Rain Gutters

1. Improper Installation

You want at least a quarter inch of slope so water flows smoothly down and out. If water isn’t flowing to the downspouts, contact a professional in gutter installation and replacement to evaluate the issue and recommend a solution.

2. Wrong Size Gutters

The size of your gutters should complement your home’s dimensions. If it’s too small, they may become clogged easily. If they’re too big, they may look strange around your home.

We offer custom-built gutters on site, which you can take advantage of for a better fit for your home.

3. High Winds

If it’s quite windy out, keep an eye on your gutters. Forceful winds can knock your gutters and leaders loose and cause breaks. If there’s a chance of strong winds, be aware of the impact it may have on your home gutter system, and contact us for repair or replacement as soon as you find a problem.

4. Rust or Surface Issues

Lack of protection and attention for your gutters can lead to moisture build-up, which can then lead to rust. Garden State Brickface and Siding offers the highest quality aluminum gutters and leaders to withstand excess moisture.

5. Clogs and Debris

Too many leaves can weigh down your gutters, which if not cleaned, can lead to overflow, lose hinges and pulled straps. Especially during fall and winter, make an extra effort to clean your gutters from time to time so there’s no overstuffing.

Keep in mind that a storm could happen at any moment. You don’t want to end up cleaning the gutters during torrential rains or wind.

Better still, call us to install our “LeafTech Gutter Guard” Hood and Louver System, which lets the water flow through invisible holes, and allows leaves to drop to the ground.

Being vigilant and aware of your home’s gutter system keeps you one step ahead of any problems that may impact your gutters. For a professional analysis of your existing gutter system,  contact Garden State Brickface and Siding in NJ today. We offer professional installation for gutters, gutter guards, leaders and other components for your gutter system.

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