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Frequently Asked Questions

– Vinyl Siding

What are the advantages of vinyl siding for homeowners?

We offer vinyl siding from ProVia, a trusted brand whose products offer exceptional durability, energy efficiency, protection against inclement weather and intense UV rays, and less maintenance.

How does vinyl siding compare to other types of siding in terms of durability?

All ProVia vinyl siding products undergo strict testing that follows guidelines set forth by the Vinyl Siding Institute. This level of quality assurance means the vinyl siding our homeowners receive is top-of-the-line in terms of durability, performance, and value.

What are the different styles and colors available in vinyl siding for homeowners?

The number of color options homeowners have for vinyl siding depends on the specific style they choose, but there are many options. Vinyl siding also can be painted.

What is the average cost of installing vinyl siding for a typical homeowner?

The style of vinyl siding and the size and current siding on your home affect the overall cost of installation. Contact us for more information.

How long does vinyl siding typically last before it needs to be replaced?

Provided homeowners choose quality materials and professional installation, vinyl siding can last 30 to 40 years before replacement is necessary. Regular maintenance can make it last longer.

Can vinyl siding help with energy efficiency in a home?

Vinyl is one of the most energy-efficient options for siding, and homeowners can find several energy-efficient selections from ProVia.

Are there any maintenance requirements for vinyl siding?

ProVia vinyl siding is designed for low maintenance. Homeowners can simply rinse their siding with low-pressure water from a garden hose.

Can homeowners replace vinyl siding themselves?

Skilled homeowners can replace vinyl siding, but it’s better to leave the task in the hands of trusted professional installers, like those at Garden State Brickface and Siding.

Does vinyl siding require any special tools or equipment for installation?

A range of tools are used in vinyl siding installation. Our professional installers have the tools and equipment needed to ensure the longevity of your siding. Any tools and equipment used are factored into the total cost of installation.

Can vinyl siding be installed over existing siding materials?

Existing siding can be used as a substrate for new vinyl siding in some cases. The existing materials should be in like-new condition, and homeowners who want to add new insulation will need to remove the initial siding.

Does vinyl siding provide any insulation benefits for homeowners?

In addition to making homes more energy efficient, insulation can make vinyl siding more resistant to impact and reduce outdoor noise. ProVia offers a line of insulated vinyl siding called CedarMAX.

How does vinyl siding hold up against extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or hail?

ProVia offers anti-weathering features that protect your siding from harsh weather conditions. A weather barrier shield, tri-pigment reflective technology, and SPX-2000 UV protection safeguard the appearance and integrity of vinyl siding.

Can vinyl siding help improve the resale value of a home?

Since vinyl siding offers energy efficiency, heightened durability, less maintenance, and a new look, installing it can help you secure more interested homebuyers when it’s time to sell.

Are there any potential drawbacks or disadvantages to using vinyl siding for homeowners?

Some vinyl siding is more susceptible to fading and less environmentally friendly than other materials. It can also expand and contract as temperatures change, making it more prone to cracking and splitting. That’s why it’s essential to partner with a professional to ensure the use of quality materials and proper installation.

What are the recommended steps for repairing damaged vinyl siding?

The approach for repairing vinyl siding depends on the extent of the damage. For small holes or cracks, homeowners can fix the issue with caulk and a patch. For broken panels, homeowners need to remove the panel and replace it with a new one.

Can homeowners paint or customize the color of vinyl siding?

No painting or staining is necessary with vinyl siding from ProVia, but homeowners can customize their siding with a color of their choice. Be aware that some paint doesn’t share the protective capabilities of vinyl siding.

Are there any eco-friendly options available in vinyl siding for environmentally-conscious homeowners?

ProVia is committed to energy efficiency in its products and in the production process. The brand works continually to reduce, reuse, and recycle while offering customers advanced vinyl siding.

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a reputable vinyl siding contractor?

Professionalism, years of experience, skilled craftsmanship, and a reputation for being trustworthy are key indications of a reputable vinyl siding contractor.

Do you offer financing for vinyl siding installation?

Homeowners can find flexible financing at Garden State Brickface and Siding with no money down and no interest. Eligibility is subject to credit approval.

– Stone Veneer

What is stone veneer siding and how is it used?

Stone veneer is a manufactured stone that looks like natural stone. Homeowners and businesses may use it as exterior siding or indoors for walls, fireplaces, and more.

What are the advantages of using stone veneer siding for homeowners?

Constructed from concrete, stone veneer is very durable. It’s versatile and can suit numerous home styles. Stone veneer is also easy to maintain.

Are there different types of stone veneer available for homeowners to choose from?

Garden State Brickface and Siding supplies stone veneer from Dutch Quality Stone. They offer stone veneer options in a range of designs, colors, textures, and shapes to suit different home styles.

How does stone veneer siding compare to natural stone in terms of cost and installation?

Stone veneer is more affordable than natural stone and is easier to install, so it enables more homeowners and businesses to achieve the high-end look of natural stone without breaking the bank.

What are the maintenance requirements for stone veneer siding?

Stone veneer has minimal maintenance needs. Simply clean it with mild soap and water and rinse thoroughly.

Does stone veneer siding provide any insulation benefits for homeowners?

Stone veneer can be placed over a properly insulated wall to enhance insulation. It also holds thermal mass, meaning it retains heat before releasing it slowly for additional insulation.

Can stone veneer be installed over existing siding materials, or does the old siding need to be removed?

If the existing siding is flat and in good condition, we may be able to install stone veneer on top. Stone veneer is durable enough to withstand inclement weather, such as heavy rain and strong winds. It’s fire- and pest-resistant, as well.

Can homeowners install stone veneer siding themselves, or is it recommended to hire a professional?

Only those with sufficient training in stone veneer installation should install stone veneer siding. DIY installations can result in costly mistakes.

Does stone veneer siding require any special sealing or treatment over time?

Sealers are used for stone veneer siding to protect against moisture and other debris, as well as fading or staining. Stone veneer should be resealed once every year or every two years.

Can stone veneer be combined with other siding materials for a unique aesthetic?

Yes; stone veneer pairs well with several other siding materials, including vinyl and wood.

Do you have to install galvanized steel lath for stone veneer siding?

In most cases, yes, unless the substrate is a clean cinder block.

How does the cost of stone veneer siding compare to other siding options available to homeowners?

While stone veneer costs less than natural stone, it’s typically more expensive than vinyl or stucco. However, homeowners may find its many advantages worth the cost.

Can homeowners remove or replace stone veneer siding if desired in the future?

Yes. Seek professional replacement services to ensure the process is completed properly.

Do you offer financing for stone veneer installation?

We offer deferred and no-interest financing, as well as no-money-down payment plans, to help you pay for stone veneer siding.

– Stucco

What is stucco and how is it used in home construction?

Stucco is a mixture of several aggregates, including cement, sand, lime, water, and a binding material. It’s primarily used for home exteriors and ceilings.

What Are the Applications of Stucco?

Stucco can be used for several applications but is primarily used as a siding option to protect the exterior of homes and businesses. It is also commonly used for ceilings.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Stucco?

Stucco provides property owners with a wide assortment of benefits, making it an ideal building material. Because it can be applied in many ways, stucco is highly customizable, allowing property owners to choose their preferred finish, design, and texture. In addition, stucco is extremely durable and requires very minimal upkeep. It also offers some insulation and impact resistance.

Does Stucco Last Long Before Needing Maintenance?

Stucco is admired for a variety of reasons, including its longevity. When properly installed, clients can expect stucco to last 50 to 80 years before repair or replacement is necessary, making it much more durable than other siding materials.

What Surfaces Can Stucco Be Applied To?

Stucco can be applied to just about any surface, making it incredibly versatile. Property owners are even able to stucco over existing stucco.

Am I Able to Install Stucco Myself, or Should I Hire a Professional Contractor?

Correctly applying stucco requires a variety of tools and materials. Because it’s an extensive process, stucco installation requires a fair bit of knowledge, as well. Failing to install stucco properly can lead to a host of unwanted consequences for property owners. Therefore, it’s recommended to leave the task to professional contractors with the expertise and equipment necessary to do the job right.

Will Stucco Stand Up to Various Weather Conditions, Such as Rain, Heat, and Cold?

Stucco is designed to offer superior protection. Because it’s weather-resistant, it’s able to stand up to severe weather conditions, including harsh cold and warm patterns.

What Steps Must Be Taken to Repair Damage or Cracks in Stucco?

Repairing stucco is an in-depth process. In many cases, the root of the problem lies underneath the stucco. Failing to address the cause of the damage will lead to future concerns. We offer professional stucco installation and repair to correct the problem at the source.

How Long Does Stucco Repair Take?

The timeframe of a stucco repair job varies. Aspects such as the type of repair, the severity of the damage, and the necessary steps for correcting the problem help determine how long stucco repair will take. At Garden State Brickface and Siding, we take an in-depth approach to stucco repair. Using our knowledge and experience, we get to the root of the issue to provide clients with lasting solutions.

Does Garden State Brickface and Siding Only Repair Stucco Siding?

Garden State Brickface and Siding’s stucco repair services go beyond just siding. Our team can perform effective stucco repairs to chimneys, foundations, steps, siding, and more. Our team uses the same in-depth approach for all types of stucco repair jobs.

Will Stucco Make My Home More Energy-Efficient?

With the application of stucco, properties are fortified with insulation, making stucco an energy-efficient siding option. Homeowners also have the option of choosing the synthetic stucco, called Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), for greater energy efficiency.

Does Garden State Brickface and Siding Specialize in EIFS Products?

Garden State Brickface and Siding is proud to be certified in EIFS installation and repair. Our area of expertise is exclusive to the new EIFS Moisture Drainage System. Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to remove defective EIFs barrier-type installations, as well.

How Does Stucco Compare to Other Siding Options in Terms of Cost?

Compared to other available siding materials, stucco is generally a more expensive option. It’s important to remember that cost isn’t always cut and dry, meaning it’s dependent on several factors. Although stucco is more expensive than other siding materials, many clients believe it to be worth it given the benefits it provides.

Does Garden State Brickface and Siding Offer Financing for Stucco Services?

At Garden State Brickface and Siding, we want every client to love their space. We believe every person we work with should have the opportunity to upgrade their property. We are proud to offer financing options to qualifying homeowners to help make home improvement projects, such as stucco, more feasible.

– Stucco Painting / Maintenance

What maintenance is required for stucco siding?

Because it’s mixed in cement, stucco is virtually maintenance-free, but painting can enhance the integrity of the siding.

Are there any specific cleaning or care instructions for maintaining stucco siding?

Stucco is porous so may absorb dirt, moisture, and other debris over time. It’s recommended to clean it at least two times a year with water and soap to maintain its appearance. Professional power-washing is also available for stucco at Garden State Brickface and Siding.

What are the different types of stucco finishes available for homeowners?

Stucco siding comes in a range of textured finishes. Popular options include Sand, Smooth, Dash, Lace, Cat Face, Santa Barbara, and Worm.

Can stucco be customized in terms of color and texture to match a homeowner’s preference?

We use a custom toning process for stucco siding that allows us to create virtually any color to match a homeowner’s aesthetic tastes.

Can stucco be painted or modified after it has been applied to a home?

Yes, but homeowners must wait until the stucco has dried before painting. Garden State Brickface and Siding offers reliable stucco painting and maintenance so homeowners receive long-lasting and attractive results.

Can you spray something over stucco to repair and preserve it rather than redo the stucco?

Yes, an acrylic coating may be used under some conditions.

– Brickface

Can brickface be placed over existing brick?

Yes. Brickface is ideal for brick siding with loosening mortar joints.

How do you do the corners if the front is brickface and the sides are vinyl?

The corners are wrapped around two inches of brickface to give the appearance of a single side course of brick.

Do we have to take down the existing siding on our home?

In some cases, it makes more sense to remove the existing siding first, but in others, it’s better to keep it. Our design consultants will guide you in this decision.

How do you get the different colors in the brickface or stoneface?

Brickface and stoneface colors are installed in layers. For the second coat, the mortar color coat, the customer chooses the color they want to be shown between the brick/stone. The third coat — the finish color coat — is applied and is scored after setting to reveal the mortar coat. The different colors in each brick or stone are toned with other hues to complete the design.

How much per square foot for brickface, stoneface, stucco, and vinyl siding?

Since all our work is custom, it’s difficult to provide quotes until your free design consultation where we visit your home or business.

What is the cost difference between brickface and vinyl siding?

Brickface costs more than vinyl siding but comes at a greater value.

Can you do fireplaces or other interior work?

Most of our work is on home and building exteriors, but we have experience with interior applications.

Do you do brickface for driveways?

Since brickface is a masonry coating, it’s not strong enough for use with driveways.