About Our Company

The Garden State Brickface that you know was founded in 1953. The company has enjoyed a strong reputation for high-quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and strong regional brand recognition for over 70 Years!

Our History and the NEW Garden State Brickface and Siding

The Garden State Brickface that you know was founded in 1953. The company has enjoyed a strong reputation for high quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and strong regional brand recognition for over 70 Years. What you may not know is that Garden State Brickface was the innovator of the “brickface” stucco technique and the creator of the cementitious formula used today that creates a hard, durable non-toxic exterior surface. Thousands of home renovations later, installations by Garden State Brickface remain beautiful, durable and virtually maintenance free.

In placing these two highly skilled, well respected companies under one roof and integrating the management and production teams, we have created a strong, nimble company with capabilities that will allow us to provide top quality exterior solutions for any home or commercial property.



We’re available 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST for phone inquiries, you can leave a voicemail or contact us using the form.

FREE quotes are provided to residential customers who own and live in the home. Quotes subject to fees include but are not limited to; are homes the customer do not own, rental properties, properties listed for sale, insurance claims, commercial properties, etc.

Quality, Professionalism, Dedication.

With roots that go back more than 70 years, our reputation has earned us the privilege of performing work for some of the largest and most notable companies and property owners. Our list of clients has given us a sense of pride that comes from performing quality work and gaining their respect for a job well done.

As proud as we are of our association with large notable companies, we are just as proud of our relationships with all our customers, both large and small. Our quality restoration and renovation work is performed in the same professional workmanlike manner with satisfaction guaranteed, on all our jobs.

It is relevant to note that hundreds of companies have gone in and out of the renovation and restoration business throughout our long history, and very few have grown or established themselves as we have. This is not by chance. We have persevered by placing our client’s satisfaction first, and in so doing, have gained the reputation for quality, professionalism, and confidence that comes from dedication and hard work.

We invite you to learn more about our company and why our combination of craftsmanship, flexibility and hands-on practicality distinguishes us in today’s competitive marketplace as a full-service exterior renovation company.