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Advantages of Facade Renovation in New Jersey

Culture Stone, Stone veneer by NJ Contractor Anchor Stone and StuccoBuilding owners looking for facade renovation in New Jersey have the advantage of many area companies with years of experience in construction, updating, and building restoration in New Jersey. Facades degrade or need updating due to the passage of time, vandalism, pollution, and weather. Businesses that provide facade renovation in Long Island and other parts of the tri-state area are able to accommodate the needs of buildings of any size, location, construction material, and style. Below are a list of the many advantages the best restorers and renovators can provide.

  • The best of these companies are Certified Applicators of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). They are trained and licensed to restore buildings to their original specifications while bringing them up to current OSHA, state, and federal codes. In addition, they are able to protect facades from further damage through waterproofing and other special treatments.
  • Their services range from chemical, sand-based, and water power-washing to the complete restoration of brick face using original materials.
  • They advise building owners and architects on how to maintain buildings. They teach owners and maintenance workers to identify the signs of imminent structural damage, wear and tear on facades, and damages that are potentially hazardous for occupants.
  • Because they employ experienced architects, contractors, and finishing experts, they are able to work with nearly any building material. These include (but are not limited) to brick, cultured stone, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), curtain wall systems, unitized and EIFS systems, concrete or metal precast panels, and terra cotta.
  • They understand the process of restoration and renovation is as much a science as it is an art. They employ the latest scientific research to understand why building degradation has sped up in recent decades. They use this knowledge to build better products that last longer than the originals.
  • All employees are highly-trained, licensed, and bonded. Companies provide their employees with insurance against accidents, meaning building owners have no liability.

Whether looking for facade restoration in New York or building restoration in Long Island, building owners can rest assured in the knowledge that they are getting expert service that is fully warrantied and personally guaranteed. When looking for the best restorers and renovators, building owners should look to companies that can provide a multitude of references from satisfied customers.

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