Exterior Installation and Professional Home Repair Services

Exterior renovations and repairs take on all kinds of different forms. Many are not do-it-yourself jobs and should instead be left to the professionals. That’s why the team at Garden State Brickface and Siding is dedicated to providing a high level of craftsmanship in every aspect of our service. From brick siding to chimney repair, our team is proud to serve Central and Northern New Jersey, including Sussex and Hunterdon counties. Learn more about our services and request a free quote today.

Chimney Repair and Resurfacing

chimneys are prone to cracks and gaps caused by changing temperatures, especially during the colder months. Our team of exterior masons can repair and restore your chimney, saving you energy and money.
Two-story white house with black shutters

Exterior House Painting

Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to increase curb appeal, our exterior house painting services can leave your home with a look that will attract buyers or provide you with the aesthetic you’ve always wanted.

Stone Veneer Installation Services

Made from a lightweight concrete material, our stone veneer is very easy to install and doesn’t require the additional reinforcements that traditional stone does. This budget-friendly material has been shown to recover up to 95% of its value, making this an exceptional opportunity for return on investment.

EIFS Painting and Maintenance

Our Exterior Installation and Finish System (EIFS) is designed to keep the temperature inside the house at the level you want it. This advanced insulation system works year-round and comes in a host of colors, making it an easy addition to any home.

Gutter and Leaders

Broken or outdated gutters and leaders cause rot and decay on the roof and usually compromise the integrity of the siding. Our experts can install new gutters and leaders while also repairing any damaged wood underneath the siding.

Stucco Painting and Maintenance Services

Our proprietary blend of brickface stucco has set us apart from our competition for decades. This low-maintenance, ingenious material defends against the elements and other external debris while maintaining its color for years to come.

EIFS Installation and Repair

We offer Exterior Installation and Finish System (EIFS) installation for buildings and homes as well as repair systems that are damaged or need replacing. No matter the size of the building, we provide the same level of quality across every job site, providing unparalleled energy efficiency.

Brickface Repair and Installation

Brickface buildings have an aesthetic beauty that’s hard to contend with, but it does wear out and break down over time. Thankfully, brickface is in our name, and we’ve been installing and restoring brickface since our company’s inception in 1953.

Stucco Repair and Installation Services

Not all buildings are alike. In fact, the same building might have slightly different measurements thanks to settling and general wear and tear. That’s a non-issue with our stucco repair and installation, as it can be customized to fit any surface.
Two-story white house with black shutters

Roof Replacement

We seal holes and gaps in your attic and replace any missing roof tiles. Our team can also clear out any vegetation that might be unknowingly present in the space.

Replacement Windows

Our replacement windows were created for energy efficiency and protection. Many houses still standing today were built before 1980, and very few of them have replaced the warped wooden windows they came with. That’s where we come in.

Vinyl Siding Installation Services

Our vinyl siding comes in virtually every color imaginable. Aside from being stylish and easy to install, it also provides UV protection and is incredibly easy to maintain.

Foundation Resurfacing

Homes are meant to be sturdy and provide stability and protection, but over time, the foundation can crack and erode. Give yourself and your family peace of mind with our foundation resurfacing services.

Stair Repair and Resurfacing Services in NJ

Whether they’re on your front door or leading away from your back porch, stairs are frequently exposed to the weather and will most likely crack and break over time. Let our team repair and resurface your stairs, making the exterior of your home that much safer.

Commercial Waterproofing and Restoration

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