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Does Your Stucco Need Repair?

Stucco is a wonderful siding choice for residential and commercial properties. It’s attractive, long lasting and energy efficient. If you live in a high traffic area, stucco exterior can help control outside noise as well as keep your energy bills under control throughout the year.With proper maintenance, stucco exteriors can last for 5 decades. However, as stucco siding ages, it will begin to show signs of wear and tear.From stains to cracks, here are common signs of stucco structural issues:Cracking Stucco cracks are a common problem. Cracks don’t just look bad but they can damage the paint and structure of your [...]

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5 Simple Tips to Prevent Stucco Walls from Cracking

Stucco is one of the most widely used exterior wall finishes. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties, stucco walls add charm, beauty and character to any building in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Not only does stucco improve the aesthetics of any property, but stucco also has a high functional value. Stucco walls can minimize sound transmission and require less energy for keeping a property cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s also less expensive than other home exteriors. The cost of stucco walls typically depend on the material and contractor you choose. While stucco [...]

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