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Brickface: Invented by Us in 1953, Improved and Enhanced for the 21st Century

What You Need to Know About Brickface

Garden State Brickface and Siding can transform your house into your dream home with our exclusive, elegant Brickface. Brickface is a masonry exterior remodeling technique that creates the look of real brick in a variety of shapes and colors, making your home’s exterior maintenance-free and beautiful.

Brickface is available in 19 colors. Using natural pigments Garden State Brickface and Siding can create almost any color. With a custom toning process, we can customize the look of your brickface exterior to a desired pattern of your choice. Whether you’re in NY, NJ or CT, contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

Advantages of a Residential or Commercial Brickface Exterior

    • Versatile: Replicates the look of real brick
    • Virtually impact-resistant surface
    • Long lasting finish
    • Low to No Maintenance
    • Adds strength and durability to your home
    • Brickface is a custom application that enhances traditional stucco.

    How We Apply Brickface to Your Home

    Brickface is a three step application of hand trowelled cementitious material, hand sculpted to a simulated brickface design.

    Our cementitious material is a hard, durable non-toxic exterior surfacing of a unique formula created by Garden State Brickface.

    Brickface installation technique

    Step One – The first coat is applied, allowed to set slightly, then “scratched”.

    Step Two – A mortar color coat is applied and allowed to set slightly.

    Step Three – The finish coat is then carefully hand applied and textured. Once the finish color coat has set sufficiently, it is scored deep enough to reveal the mortar coat and define the design and texture of your choice.

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    Exterior Masonry Renovation: Brickface
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    Exterior Masonry Renovation: Brickface
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    Telephone No.(800) 388-4472
    New Jersey, New York, Connecticut
    Brickface is a masonry exterior remodeling technique for homes and businesses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut that creates the look of real brick in a variety of shapes and colors.