How A Retaining Wall Can Transform Your Outdoor Space

Although retaining walls are often used to stabilize hillsides and hold soil in place, they are a great way to improve the aesthetics of your yard or garden. At Garden State Brickface & Siding, we help homeowners transform their homes and outdoor spaces with long-lasting stucco, stone veneer, brick, and other durable materials that provide solutions for all types of exterior surfacing projects. There are plenty of different ways a retaining wall can be used to enhance your outdoor space – here are a few of our favorites.

Stabilizing A Slope

The most practical use for a retaining wall is to create a barrier that keeps runoff and erosion from damaging a home or yard at the bottom of a slope. Tiered retaining walls and steps offer a beautiful solution for erosion and drainage control and slope transition. Even if you’re thinking of building a retaining wall for functional reasons, it’s good to get creative and incorporate it into your overall outdoor design.

Creating Usable Space

Experienced contractors can use grading and retaining walls to create expansive outdoor patios, stairs, and driveways on slopes that appear unusable to the untrained eye. For example, a retaining wall can transform a sloping yard into a multi-leveled, terraced backyard with different areas for seating, gardens, play area, and in some cases, even a pool.

A patio, lawn, or entertaining area with a retaining wall has much more curb appeal than just a slope backing up to your yard. Even on steep hills, retaining walls can be used to create landscaping beds and walkways along driveways and other areas.

Building Seating

Retaining walls not only serve to create defined spaces for things like fire pits, they can also be used to build seating around it. A short wall can be designed to use as a bench, or you can install long benches in front of it and use the wall as a backrest. Lay down some colorful cushions and pillows, and you have a stylish, comfy place for guests to sit.

Enhancing A Focal Point

A retaining wall can be an attractive focal point when combined with a feature such as a fountain, waterfall, pond, or fireplace. This type of design can be a space saver and help you attain the yard or patio of your dreams while leaving plenty of room for relaxing and entertaining.

Using Retaining Walls For Raised Garden Beds

Want to separate your vegetable garden from your outdoor living area? Walls are a visually appealing, permanent way to differentiate planting spaces. They’re also great for raised beds for flowers and shrubs along your fence or property line.

Consult A Professional

A solid retaining wall can last for decades, but it must be properly constructed to function the way it was intended, so it’s best to have it built by professionals. There are countless ways retaining walls can be used to transform the look and function of your outdoor spaces. From creating a stunning wall for your driveway’s entrance to building multi-tiered patios for extra outdoor entertaining space, they can transform your space, control erosion, allow for proper drainage, and enhance the beauty and safety of your home.

Although it’s possible to build a small retaining wall yourself, if you’re unfamiliar with footings, drainage, and grading or need serious slope stabilization, hiring an experienced contractor who is well-versed in this type of work is a must.

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