Welcome to the artful world of masonry, where each style comes with a unique combination of colors and textures that add to a building’s style, whether residential or commercial.

You can choose from a range of standard materials when installing a masonry exterior, including concrete, brick, marble, stucco, brickface, stone veneers, hardcoat and limestone.

For New Jersey and New York homeowners with a taste for sublime textures and shades incorporated in their homes, masonry might just be the perfect choice.

Raising the Value of Your Residential Home

Though remodeling with masonry will require some budget planning on your part, don’t forget that these methods were employed in those gorgeous Roman city structures, Greek architecture and even the magnificent Egyptian pyramids. It has been thousands of years and they still stand well, both in beauty and integrity – a proof of masonry’s incredible durability.

If you are looking to add lasting value to your home, this might just be the way to go.

Protection and Preservation

Why are those ancient masonry structures still standing? It’s because the materials used contain properties which resist against a number of natural extremities:

Withstands Fire

Buildings constructed with masonry are generally more fire resistant. The materials are tolerant to frigid temperatures, a characteristic quite helpful for homeowners facing harsh weather and the chilly climate along the eastern seaboard.

Withstands Mold And Rot

Where wooden panels and some siding materials are susceptible to rot and mold and fungus, masonry resists the invasions of these natural elements. Since the materials do not allow a buildup of mildew, individuals residing in masonry-walled homes are also better protected against mold in their homes.

Other Benefits

One of the major advantages of having masonry work in your home is sound-proofing. Given the close-quartered construction common in the metropolitan area, the transfer of sound is always an issue.

Masonry work could do well for you if you are looking for a serene and peaceful indoor environment for your home.

Masonry has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. Rising extremes in the environment has led many in the New York area to seek eco-friendly options in their daily life, and homes are no exception.

At Garden State Brickface and Siding, we provide a range of exceptional services in the application of brickfacestucco and other masonry products for residential properties in New Jersey and New York.

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