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After installation of Exterior hard Stucco by New Jersey contractor Anchor Stone and Stucco

Differences in Materials for a Facade Renovation in New Jersey

After installation of Exterior hard Stucco by New Jersey contractor Anchor Stone and Stucco
Multifamily Building remodeling with Siding, Culture Stone, and hard stucco. Passaic County – Passaic, N.J. 07055

The materials selected for a facade renovation in New Jersey make a difference in the durability and insulation properties of the final result. Renovating a facade, whether to a business or a home, is a cost-effective way to protect the structure, reduce operating costs, and improve the look. The significance of the savings in energy costs is the aspect that is most affected by the materials. Wood or vinyl, for example, can increase the value of the building, and fix drafts, cracks or leaks in the exterior. That will decrease utility costs to a certain degree, but there are other materials that can have a greater impact on those costs.

A facade renovation in Long Island with materials that have natural insulation properties, can create a higher return on the investment by lowering energy costs substantially. Bricks, stone, and cement stucco are better insulators than wood or vinyl. A thin layer of waterproofing is typically all that is needed between the existing exterior and the new facade, when these materials are chosen. The exception is affixing stucco to a wood surface, which requires an additional layer of insulation to secure the materials in place. They are also impact resistant, and are more durable when exposed to the elements. That is also why they are preferred materials for building restoration in New Jersey as well.

The best material for drastic reduction in energy costs is synthetic stucco, which is also known as an exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS). It has the highest rating for insulation of any materials used for building restoration in Long Island. It can also be installed quicker, and more cost-effectively than brick or stone. Installation can only be completed by certified EIFS installers, so it is wise to find an experienced company that specializes in facade restoration in New York. A wide variety of colors and textures makes this material ideal for any style preferences. It is also easy to add ornamental trim to either cement or synthetic stucco. Building owners can arrange for an on-site visual inspection and free quote for any installation, repair, or maintenance work. A professional will visit the location, take pictures, and submit a detailed work proposal.

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