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We are Experts in the Removal and Repair of the Old EIFS Barrier System.

Our EIFS Removal Division deals with the removal of old EIFS siding barrier systems from residential homes and commercial buildings. Replacement with any of our exterior finishes – stucco, brickface, stone veneers, hardcoat, vinyl siding or a new EIFS Moisture Drainage System – restores and beautifies your home or commercial building, while correcting the problems associated with a defective EIFS installation.

EIFS Siding with Drainage Systems: New Techniques, Great Results

What is "EIFS"?

According to the definitions of the International Building Code and ASTM International, an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a nonload bearing, exterior wall cladding system that consists of an insulation board attached either adhesively or mechanically, or both, to the substrate; an integrally reinforced base coat; and a textured protective finish coat.

EIFS with Drainage, which is the system used by Garden State Brickface and Siding, provides a way for moisture that may accumulate in the wall cavity to evacuate.

An Example of an EIFS Siding with Drainage Solution from Garden State Brickface and Siding…

As an example, one of our EIFS with Drainage systems (see schematic) can be used on any substrate, including wood or gypsum sheathings, and is installed without mechanical fasteners. This technique eliminates penetrations through the moisture barrier and effectively improves installation performance.

This particular system is ideal for use on any residential or commercial project demanding advanced moisture drainable design protection.

Residential and Commercial Applications

We offer a wide array of EIFS solutions. Whether yours is a residence, apartment building or commercial building, the EIFS specialists at Garden State Brickface and Siding will design and install a high quality EIFS with Drainage system that is appropriate for your property.

How We Apply Brickface to Your Home

An example of an EIFS Siding with Drainage Installation.

Your Garden State Brickface and Siding representative will recommend the appropriate EIFS with Drainage solution for your property.

EIFS Exterior Insulation and Finishing System

Energy Efficiency: R 2.85 to R 15.2 (3/4” to 4” thickness)

Design Flexibility: Almost unlimited architectural shapes available to fit any design specification, in a wide variety of colors, textures & thicknesses.

Substrates: Plywood, OSB, gypsum, masonry, cement board

Design Elements: Requires no control joints, can employ reveals and trims, can correct minor wall deflections, easily upgraded impact resistance using increased mesh weight

Sustainability: Low VOC, low toxicity, recycled content

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