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Exterior Facade Restoration using EIFS/Stucco System

Facade Renovation In New Jersey Is Imperative To Maintain The Integrity Of A Building

The facade on a building can deteriorate for a variety of reason. Weather could be one of them although original construction could be a reason as well. In any case, facade renovation in New Jersey must be performed to keep a building looking like new and eliminate any water damage or structural damage to the building. The facade helps to eliminate water damaging by offering a protective material to the exterior of a building. When building restoration in New Jersey is being performed, one of the many reasons is to repair the facade. Determining the reason for the damage is a very important step in determining how the facade should be repaired.

Another step to facade renovation in Long Island is proper cleaning of the exterior of the building. Air pollution, UV rays and dirt can slowly eat away at the outside of a building. Hiring a company that has the experience necessary to perform a proper inspection of the building is key to cleaning, restoring and waterproofing a building that’s been damaged. Salty sea air can slowly corrode away beautiful buildings. Combining the salt air with the wind or rain is like chiseling away architectural beauty at a very slow pace.

During the time of a building restoration in Long Island, any occupants within the building will be disrupted as little as possible. Cleaning the building is one of the most important things that need performed before restoration can begin? After a thorough cleaning, work will begin on repairing missing material and repair damaged areas. There could be cracks around the foundation from water, wind and sun. Repairing these cracks as quickly as possible will help to maintain the look as well as the stability of the building.

The facade restoration in New York could be on:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Terra Cotta
  • Curtain wall systems
  • EIFS systems
  • Precast concrete panels
  • Metal panels
  • GFRC panels

Restoring a building is key to keeping it looking terrific and extending its life. Hiring a professional restoration company is key. A restored building can look like the day it was built after cleaning and restoration is completed.

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