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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you get the different colors in the brickface or stoneface?
A: Brickface or stoneface is installed in layers. The first coat is the scratch coat covers the wire lath. The second coat of cement is the mortar color coat, which is selected by the customer to be the color that shows in between the brick or stone. The third or finish color coat is then applied, allowed to set sufficiently, and is then scored deep enough to reveal the mortar coat and define the design and texture of your choice. The different colors in each different brick or stone design is then toned with other colors to finish the desired design.

Q: Do you have to install galvanized steel lath?
A: Most applications require installation of galvanized steel lath but if the substrate is a clean cinder block this step can be eliminated.

Q: How do you do the corners if the front is brickface and the sides are vinyl?
A: The corners are wrapped around two inches of brickface – it looks like one side course of brick.

Q: Can you spray something over stucco to repair and preserve it rather than redo the stucco?
A: Under some conditions an acrylic coating may be used.

Q: How much per square foot for brickface, stoneface, stucco, and vinyl siding?
A: That’s a good question. All of our work is custom designed to meet your specific needs and therefore it is difficult to quote a price without seeing the home or building. Our design consultants will be able to answer all of your questions at the time of your free design consultation.

Q: Can you stucco over stucco?
A: Yes, we can apply stucco, brickface or stoneface over most surfaces.

Q: Can brickface be placed over existing brick?
A: Yes. Brickface is an excellent solution for brick with loosening mortar joints.

Q: Do we have to take care of stucco, like paint it or some other treatment?
A: Because the color is mixed in the cement, our product is virtually maintenance free.

Q: What is the cost difference between brickface and vinyl siding?
Brickface is more expensive than vinyl siding but gives you a greater value.

Q: Do we have to take down the existing siding on our home?
A: That is a good question and it is a decision you will make together with your design consultant. In certain situations it is advisable to leave the existing siding up. In others, it is preferable to remove it.

Q: Do you install EIFS Products?
A: Garden State Brickface and Siding is a certified EIFS installer. We install ONLY the new EIFS Moisture Drainage System, and we are experts at the removal of any defective EIFS barrier-type installations. Our design consultants can answer your questions about EIFS products more completely at the time of your design consultation.

Q: Does Garden State Brickface do roofing?
A: No. We specialize in exterior masonry sidings and vinyl sidings.

Q: Do you do driveways?
A: Brickface is a masonry coating – it is not strong enough to be utilized for driveways.

Q: Can you do fireplaces or other interior work?
A: Most of our work is on the exterior of homes and commercial buildings. However, we have done interior applications. The interior of the store, JR Tobacco, which required a very special antique brick look, is one such example for which we won a “Contractor of the Year” award from the “National Association of the Remodeling Industry”.

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