Home Improvement Financing in Central and Northern NJ

For many homeowners, the idea of making home improvements sounds great, but the cost of such projects may hinder them from proceeding. While certain small-scale repairs can be very affordable, larger and more in-depth home improvement projects can feel too costly to justify.

Garden State Brickface and Siding believes every homeowner should have the opportunity to create their ideal home. We are proud to offer our clients in Central and Northern New Jersey home improvement loans to help them pay for these types of projects. Learn more about the flexible home improvement financing options we offer that can help you build your dream home.

Financing Options to Meet Your Needs

Home improvement loans are a great way for homeowners to make upgrades, repairs, and enhancements without needing to pay the entire lump sum at once. Garden State Brickface and Siding offers no interest and no down payment financing to all clients who qualify. Interest accrues from the purchase date, but all interest is waived if the purchase amount is paid in full before the expiration of the financing period.

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We’re available 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST for phone inquiries, you can leave a voicemail or contact us using the form.

FREE quotes are provided to residential customers who own and live in the home. Quotes subject to fees include but are not limited to; are homes the customer do not own, rental properties, properties listed for sale, insurance claims, commercial properties, etc.

Those who choose to finance their home improvement projects with us can expect the following advantages:

A Simple Process

Garden State Brickface and Siding believes home improvement financing does not need to be complicated. We work to make securing a home improvement loan simple. Clients that qualify can quickly obtain their loan so upgrades can get started on their homes. Applying for a loan can be done either by phone or through the mobile application.

A Large Sum Available To Borrow

Depending on what improvements you wish to be made, you may need access to a substantial amount of money. Clients who choose to finance through us may be eligible to borrow up to $55,000.

Low Monthly Payments

Our home improvement loans are offered at attractive, fixed interest rates. Because of this, clients can enjoy low monthly payments, making home improvements that much more obtainable.

Home Improvement Loans Through GreenSky

GreenSky is one of America’s leading consumer finance companies. They provide financing in all 50 states and service their loans through an exceptional loan servicing organization.

Since 2006, GreenSky has played a critical role in transforming small business and consumer credit, enabling more affordable access to financing for home improvement projects of all kinds. Their people, process, and technology solutions improve customers’ lives.

GreenSky serves consumers nationwide and is recognized for its ability to provide customized credit solutions that meet the financing requirements of various clients.

How to Get Started

Those wishing to secure financing to begin home improvement projects can do so with this easy process.

1. Fill Out the Request Form

To get started, clients will need to complete the Request a Quote form. All fields should be completed with as much detail as possible.

2. Speak With a Representative

Once we have viewed your request form, a team member will reach out to you. During this conversation, we will discuss options in-depth and provide a quote for the work you need to be done.

3. Flexible Financing

If approved, clients will receive no money down and interest-free financing for their project

4. Project Completion

Once your loan has been granted, our team gets to work turning your vision into a reality. Our professional team will arrive and perform the top-quality work we’ve developed a reputation for in the areas we serve.

Services Available for Financing

Exterior renovations and repairs can take several forms and include many different projects. Garden State Brickface and Siding is pleased to offer financing for several of our professional services, including:

  • Vinyl siding installation
  • Stone veneer installation
  • Stucco installation and repair
  • Stucco painting and maintenance
  • Brickface installation and repair
  • EIFS installation and repair
  • EIFS painting
  • Chimney repair and resurfacing
  • Exterior painting
  • Foundation repair and resurfacing
  • Gutter installation
  • Stair resurfacing and repair
  • Roof and window replacement

Learn More About Home Improvement Financing

Do not wait to make the upgrades you need or the home renovations you want. Garden State Brickface and Siding is happy to offer clients convenient and affordable home improvement loans. This allows clients to achieve their desired home exterior now and pay for it over time.

For over 70 years, we have enjoyed a strong reputation for providing quality workmanship and superior customer satisfaction. Clients in Central and Northern NJ can view case studies to see what skill we can bring to your home improvement project, or contact us today to learn more about flexible financing options.