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Repair, Reface and Restore the Surface of Your Foundation

Foundation Refaced with Stone Veneer
Foundation Resurfaced with Stone Veneer
Foundation Restored and Refaced with Stone Veneer
Foundation Refaced with Stone Veneer
Foundation Repair and Resurfacing
Foundation Repair and Resurfacing

Beautify the Surface of Your Foundation with a Garden State Brickface and Siding Exterior Masonry Solution – New York and New Jersey’s Best-Known Masons

The Problem: Over 70% of the buildings in the world are built of masonry. But as your home or building ages and settles, your foundation can develop a variety of minor non-structural problems, including minor cracks, spalling and unsightly discoloration.

The Solution: An ugly, exposed foundation can be restored and rejuvenated with our exterior masonry surfaces. Garden State Brickface and Siding, with almost 65 years as one of New Jersey and New York’s premier masonry companies, provides foundation resurfacing services to solve your cosmetic foundation problems, beautify your foundation, and add value to your home or commercial building.

After a thorough inspection, we will recommend a solution that will include repair of cracks and other minor damage, above ground waterproofing where needed and resurfacing with your choice of our high quality Brickface, Stucco, Stone Veneer, or Hardcoat exterior masonry surfaces or a durable, long-lasting acrylic elastomeric coating.

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Our Foundation Repair and Refacing Services

Thorough inspection of the exterior of the foundation

Repair minor non-structural cracks

Repair flashing, and caulk where needed

Repair broken, cracked or crumbling (spalling) bricks or concrete blocks

Reface with your choice of masonry products

Choose Brickface, Stucco, Stone Veneer, Hardcoat or a custom combination

Or apply an Acrylic Elastomeric paint, if desired

Residential Properties, including Single and Multi-family Homes

Commercial and Office Buildings

Warning Signs of Foundation Damage

Indicators of Surface Problems with Your Foundation

What to Look For

  • Hairline fractures or cracks (vertical, horizontal or zigzagging)
  • Crumbling (spalling) bricks or concrete
  • Gaps in concrete
  • Moisture infiltration into the interior
  • Mold and stains

Your Property Deserves the Highest Quality Exterior Masonry Services.

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