Since the 1950s, vinyl siding has been a go-to home exterior choice for Americans. The massive popularity of vinyl siding is primarily due to its versatility, long life and easy maintenance.

Trilogy Vinyl Siding Installation

Along with increasing the curb appeal of homes, vinyl siding is an ideal home installation and renovation exterior material for eco-conscious citizens.

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, the latest vinyl siding products are much more environmentally-friendly than other siding materials, including brick and fiber cement.

Manufactured from natural ingredients

Vinyl siding has a minimal environmental impact as it consists of natural ingredients, including common salt and natural gas. It’s a sustainable siding material.

In addition to the use of natural raw materials, vinyl scrap can be recycled. It can be used again for manufacturing purpose. Since it is lightweight, you can expect greater fuel efficiency during transportation.

Delivers long-lasting performance

Good quality vinyl siding can last for decades. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. This is the beauty of vinyl siding and the reason why hundreds of thousands of homeowners still invest in it.

As a robust and durable siding, you won’t have to replace it frequently. As a result, vinyl minimizes material use, waste and homeowners’ money in the long term.

Produces less waste, from manufacturing to installation

In terms of environmental performance, vinyl siding produces less waste throughout its lifecycle. Firstly, it does not need to paint or refinish it. This reduces paint, caulk and similar substances entering the waste stream. On the other hand, wood and other siding options require refinish on a regular basis.

According to the US Green Building Council, vinyl is friendlier to the environment in terms of air pollution from production, fossil fuel depletion and global warming impact. It also conserves wood and other natural resources used in home construction.

Improves home’s energy-efficiency

Over the years, vinyl siding has evolved tremendously. Insulated vinyl siding is the latest product that can improve the exterior wall’s R-value by 16 percent and then boost home’s energy-efficiency.

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