Most homeowners never even think about their chimneys until Santa Claus comes to town. It’s only when good ol’ St. Nicholas has trouble getting down the chimney (because it’s falling apart) do homeowners realize that it’s about time they got it repaired!

These three signs are a dead giveaway that you need to get your chimney sorted and can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs!

Deteriorating Chimney Crown:

By far the easiest way of telling if your chimney is in need of repair is by inspecting the chimney crown. Apart from adding to the appeal of your house, the crown also provides protection against moisture and rainfall.

Prolonged exposure to rainfall can accelerate the deterioration of the crown. If you haven’t already, invest in a chimney cap as it offers an additional layer of protection to the chimney crown, and significantly increases the life of the chimney itself.

Damaged Mortar Joints:

To prevent the problem of damaged mortar joints, you should periodically inspect your chimney for cracks. If you find any—no matter how small they may be—you need to have them repointed and repaired as soon as possible; as water deposits in these cracks, it freezes and thaws, causing them to expand within a very short time.

White Staining:

Efflorescence (or white staining as it’s normally called) is also a dead giveaway that your chimney urgently needs repair. It arises as a direct consequence of excess moisture in the chimney. When water deposits on your chimney, the natural salts in the mortar can dissolve. As the water evaporates, these salts remain on the exterior in the form of white stains.

Efflorescence is a marker to the problem of excess moisture. Therefore, it’s better to get it inspected by a professional renovation and repair company so that this problem doesn’t end up costing you thousands of dollars down the line.

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