House Flippers: We’re the Contractor for You

Flipping homes can be a lucrative business for full-time flippers or successful side hustles for those who do it part-time. Reports show that one flip project can bring in upward of $60,000 depending on the home and location. Another factor that goes into how much profit a flipper earns is the quality of work and improvements made.

Flippers who want to maximize their profits should consider working with a top-quality contractor who can perform professional exterior home renovations. Garden State Brickface and Siding offers a variety of services to help flippers in central and northern New Jersey get the most from their investment.

Why Flippers Should Focus on a Home’s Exterior

The exterior of a home will always be the first thing a potential home buyer notices. The curb appeal of a flipped home can have a major impact on how a buyer feels about the property before they even step inside.

When flippers purchase a home, they should tour the property, looking for areas that could benefit from renovations. Exterior elements of a home that may offer a hefty return on investment when renovated include:


Windows are a staple to any home’s exterior. They offer beauty and elegance, enhancing the overall look of a home. Furthermore, windows can drastically alter the functionality of a home depending on the type. Flippers should consider replacement window installation services from Garden State Brickface and Siding to help improve a home’s look and function.


Because it’s often the first aspect someone will notice about a home’s exterior, the condition of the house siding can directly influence how people perceive it. Flippers who purchase a home with cracked or damaged siding, or siding that is missing pieces, should have it replaced before listing the home on the market. Garden State Brickface and Siding offers quality vinyl siding installation services, providing clients with a fresh new look for their flip.


Many times, a home’s roof gets overlooked during a flip. Failing to address concerns about the roof’s integrity may end up costing flippers in the long run. Potential buyers who know they will have to replace the roof could end up using that as a negotiation tactic, resulting in flippers selling the home for less than what they were asking. The roofing services offered at Garden State Brickface and Siding, such as roof replacement, can help flippers avoid this dilemma.

Front Steps

A home’s entryway provides guests with a lasting impression of the exterior before they walk inside. The front steps leading up to the entry deserve just as much attention from flippers. Stair resurfacing can help flippers improve the look of their home’s front steps and make them safer.

Expert Exterior Home Renovation Services in Central and Northern NJ

When it comes to flipping a home, the work you put in can end up making or breaking your return on investment. Choosing the right home projects and the right contractor can be the difference between a successful house flip and one that makes you wonder why you decided to flip in the first place.

When looking to upgrade the exterior of their home, flippers should turn to the experts at Garden State Brickface and Siding. We offer a wide array of professional exterior home renovation services for clients in central and northern New Jersey. Our services range from chimney restoration to foundation repair, and we can handle a variety of other concerns. Our dedication to clients spans over 70 years, which is what has allowed us to earn our highly-regarded reputation. To learn more about how house flippers could benefit from our services or to receive a free estimate, please contact us today at Garden State Brickface and Siding.