How Business Owners Can Make an Old Building Look New

You’ve just opened a new business you’ve been planning to start for years. The furniture is installed, employees are hired, and the internet is running. There’s just one thing – the building’s exterior needs some improvement and a fresh look to match your company’s style.

The next step is to find a reliable and top-quality commercial remodeling contractor. At Garden State Brickface and Siding, we have extensive exterior design experience throughout central and northern New Jersey. Here, we’ll discuss how to choose a reputable contractor to make your old building look like new.

Choosing a Commercial Remodeling Company

Trying to find a reputable business exterior remodeler can take time and patience. It’s worth the upfront effort if you want to ensure you’re hiring a comprehensive remodeling company that can effectively and efficiently perform the job from start to finish while meeting your expectations. The following are a few aspects to verify with a potential commercial remodeler before you hire:

Quality Communicators

As with any relationship, communication is crucial. When consulting with a commercial remodeler, it’s important to make clear what part – or parts – of the building you want to fix. Do you want new vinyl siding, brickface installation and repair, or something else entirely? Make sure the contractor is transparent and professional and can provide a reasonable timeline with free estimates.

Track Record

We also recommend seeing examples of the contractor’s project case studies. This allows you to see the quality of their previous work, the size and scope of jobs they are cable of managing, and how they brought innovative solutions to complicated exterior designs.


You can get a good sense of a company by reading its customer reviews. These reflect the experiences of past clients and how satisfied they were with their projects. The voices of others in a situation like your own can help you decide whether to go forward with a particular contractor.

Full Service

Whether you want to incorporate stone veneer siding or opt for replacement window installation, unexpected events can happen during a renovation. For instance, the contractor may discover that the foundation must be repaired or gutter installation is necessary. At Garden State Brickface and Siding, we’re prepared for anything the project may bring – from chimney and roof repairs to improving the front steps.


Your contractor should also be experienced. Seasoned remodeling enterprises can renovate and creatively improve a wide variety of buildings, from commercial complexes in urban settings to suburban residential homes. Companies with these types of skills and accumulated knowledge will be better equipped to provide quality service and results, on time and within budget.

These are just a few of the qualities a reliable commercial remodeling business should offer. You should find out if they are certified and licensed to perform services in your area and ask about their level of knowledge regarding related machinery and materials, as well.

Seek Commercial Remodeling Services in Central and Northern New Jersey

You’ve finally started your own business – now it’s time to update your building. For a commercial remodeling contractor you can depend on, turn to Garden State Brickface and Siding. We have over 70 years of experience with residential and commercial projects and have developed a reputation for being one of New Jersey’s most qualified contractors. This reputation is backed by results – we bring ingenuity, expertise, and superior products to each exterior design project. Business owners operating in central and northern New Jersey can contact us today for more about our exterior installation services or to request a free quote.