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How Facade Renovation in New Jersey Can Extend a Building's Life

In the commercial and industrial sectors, how a company is perceived by society is just as important as the physical exterior of their building. No respectable business wants its structures to look dilapidated, but the passage of time and combined effects of weather and pollution can speed up the deterioration process. To combat this, there are companies that specialize in facade renovation in New Jersey who have the means and experience to give a building the ultimate face lift.

In large metropolitan areas, vehicular exhaust and smokestack emissions pose a significant threat to the exterior structural durability of architectural elements. These gaseous discharges can cover beautifully constructed buildings with soot and chemicals which gradually break down the stone and metal. All of these emissions technically meet EPA standards, but that doesn’t mean adverse side effects aren’t inflicted upon nearby structures. Although little can be done to prevent this, companies like Anchor Stone and Stucco, who provide facade restoration in New York and New Jersey, offer services that erase the accumulation of harmful toxins. Through extensive power washing and application of chemical cleaning agents, the company’s skilled contractors can properly sterilize a building’s exterior.

When a thorough, professional cleaning isn’t enough to eliminate atmospheric damage, performing facade renovation in Long Island is the next step. This process involves the reconstruction of damaged structures and creation of brand new building exteriors. The contractors will diligently inspect the building exterior to find any existing problems and develop a plan for building restoration in Long Island that meets the clients expectations and budget. This includes services like the replacement old masonry, the pouring of new concrete, and installation of new metal paneling.

There are many instances where structural damage is the result of water infiltration. A building exterior that is not sealed correctly can allow water to seep in. Over time, this moisture will damage the structural integrity of both interior and exterior elements and if left unchecked, develop into toxic black mold. Finding the leaks isn’t always easy so many companies rely on the skills of contractors specializing in building restoration in New Jersey to discover the source of the problem. Not only can these professionals apply the correct waterproof coatings and sealants to stop the unwanted flow of water, they are also well-versed in the repair or removal of water damaged areas. This not only extends the life of the structure, it makes the building healthier.

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