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Front Facade prior to brick lintel repairs

Keep History Alive With Facade Renovation in New Jersey

IMG_3758Drive through any city in the United States or anywhere else in the world, for that matter, and a person will see beautiful facades in numerous designs that have been there for years. The average person doesn’t have a clue as to how the facades were made, what material was used, or how they could remain on a building for over two hundred years. Thinking back through time, it’s also unimaginable who would have had the phenomenal ability to accomplish such beauty and magnificence. Today, pollution, the heat of the sun, and age has caused many facades to begin crumbling.

When this happens in the New Jersey area, town fathers are deeply concerned, and search for companies that specialize in facade renovation in New Jersey. Deterioration is often caused by salt and chemicals in the air. Buildings are constantly under attack from the elements, whether it’s wind, chemicals, salt, birds, or extreme heat. Often when the building is older, the cement, stucco, and other materials begins to crack and chip. Owners of buildings in the cities must consider the safety of building occupants and those walking on the street below.

It’s very important to find a company with professionals who specialize in building restoration in New Jersey, or facade restoration in New York. Some of the professional companies have been in business since 1952. They hire people who are stucco experts, and who are well versed in the application of exterior insulation and brick facing. Companies that perform facade renovation in Long Island are used to working on scaffolding and high buildings to perform their skills safely and effectively. These companies not only restore the facades of court houses and high rises, they also complete work for homeowners.

Achieving the finest building restoration in Long Island, and surrounding areas, requires knowledgeable, licensed and certified applicators. If a building needs waterproofed, power washed, and its bricks cleaned, these specialists know exactly how to do it. They’ll apply stucco, cultured stone, and cement in beautiful ornamentation that restores the building facade to its original attractiveness and strength. Preservation of the facades on buildings throughout the New Jersey and New York area is extremely important to keep the golden era and famous history of each building alive.


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