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Stucco siding by Anchor Stone and Stucco

More Than Patches: A Look at Home Facade Renovation in New Jersey

Stucco siding by Anchor Stone and Stucco

A facade renovation in New Jersey is more than just a quaint and quick facelift. It involves taking an old property, and completely changing it to fix all its quirks and issues. Throughout the façade renovation, the property is reinvigorated. There are certain parts of the home that face extensive abuse, and these become the focal points during a renovation. Below is a checklist of some of the most imminent parts of a property that are repaired during a building restoration in Long Island.

Downspouts and the Roof

The quality of a roof is measured by its ability to draw water away from the property and to block out water from entering the property. In that way, the downspout becomes an essential component of a great roof. The facade renovation in Long Island will include improving the working quality of the downspouts, specifically their attachment to the property and if they are cleared of debris. Debris will accumulate in the downspouts, but quality downspouts will be angled in a way to discourage debris accumulation.

Door Lintels

During property degradation, the lintels that supports the masonry above the door are usually buckled and worn. The constant pressure applied to the horizontal steel plate will cause it to bend, which weakens the structure. The facade restoration in New York will likely replace the steel beam entirely while supporting the space with a temporary placeholder. The structure may not bend, but it can be rusted. The paint could be peeling, which is a cosmetic concern. In all, the door lintels need to be caulked, maintained, and often replaced to confirm the property is in great working condition.

The Main Exterior

Sidewalks, steps, and the exterior face of the property are all properly reviewed and replaced if necessary. The exterior face is one of the hardest parts to replace, and will involve a full building restoration in New Jersey.

The above features of the home should be more than a small patch-up. They make up extremely significant parts of the property, and a through repair and replacement goes a long way towards making the home complete and restored.

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