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Searching For A Certified Window Replacement Contractor? Look No Further

Windows are the soul of a home. A well-designed window brings sunshine and natural air into a dark and dingy space. It adds beauty, warmth and comfort to your home.

On the other hand, damaged or worn out windows have the opposite effect. Old windows are not generally energy efficient. Cold air enters your home in winter, while your air conditioned air leaks out in summer.

If you want to transform your home with new windows, it’s important that you choose a reliable contractor. Because there are so many window replacement companies, thorough and comprehensive research on window replacement contractors will help you make the right decision.

Here are some essential factors to look for in a professional window replacement company:


Choose a certified window replacement company. A certified professional meets industry standards and offers reliable after-sale service as well.


Along with certification, professional contractors must have years of experience in the window replacement industry.


Another crucial factor is the cost of the replacement windows, and the cost of installation  The total cost depends on the number and type of windows you select and the complexity of the job.

Get quotes from multiple window replacement companies to choose one that suits your budget.


Study your window replacement company’s online reviews in order to assess their reputation. Another great suggestion is to check out their photos of their window replacement projects.

You can also contact the company’s previous customers for their feedback. A window replacement company with a strong reputation is likely to do superior quality work.

Materials and Tools

What type of materials, equipment and tools does the company use to replace your windows? If your home has vinyl windows, the company will have a large stock of vinyl windows in a variety of colors and finishes.

Apart from replacing your windows, a professional contractor will help you pick the best window style and color that will complement your home’s aesthetics.


Make sure the company offers a warranty on the replacement windows they sell. Before ordering windows, you need to understand everything covered and not covered by the warranty, as well as the claims procedure.

If windows are not properly installed, extreme weather conditions can take a toll on them. If you’re looking for the finest quality window replacement service in the Tri-state area, look no further.

At Garden State Brickface and Siding, we are experts in the installation of advanced technology CompositWood® Windows for residential homes in New Jersey and New York.

CompositWood is a combination of PVC polymers and acrylic resins that creates a super tough, solid core in our advanced technology windows. They’re more energy efficient than other windows, such as wood, aluminum and fiberglass.

Designed to deliver maximum strength, reliability and durability, our windows can withstand extreme weather conditions. These windows are tested to ensure the highest structural and thermal performance.

Easy to use, clean and maintain, replacement windows from Garden State Brickface and Siding are available with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

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