Manufactured Stone Veneer in Central and Northern NJ

The look of natural stone adds a touch of elegance to any home’s exterior. It is a timeless look that offers such a unique design. However, there’s an alternative material that allows homeowners to get the look of natural stone they desire without the drawbacks of natural stone.

In business since 1953, Garden State Brickface and Siding is pleased to offer manufactured stone veneer. Known for its attractive style, durability, and ease of installation, stone veneer is a great option for any homeowners wishing to mimic the look of natural stone without the hassle. Learn more about what manufactured stone veneer is, and check out the selection we offer to clients throughout central and northern New Jersey.

What Is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Manufactured stone veneer is a man-made product that replicates the look of natural stone. This lightweight building material can be used as a decorative solution and is often applied to add an upscale look to either a home’s exterior or interior wall surfaces. Applications to a home’s exterior can include full façades, entryways, landscape walls, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and more.

Made from concrete, manufactured stone veneer not only looks like natural stone, but it also replicates the textures and colors of natural stone. This provides an even more authentic look and feel. With several options available, you can find manufactured stone veneer that resembles granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and other popular types of decorative natural stone, each with its own unique qualities.

The Advantages of Stone Veneer over Natural

With advances in the manufacturing process, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between the veneer and the real thing, meaning more and more homeowners are choosing manufactured stone veneer over natural stone products. Manufactured stone veneer also has several advantages over natural stone, such as:

Easier to Install

The installation process for natural stone can be challenging given there are only certain materials to which it can be applied. Manufactured stone veneer doesn’t have these challenges and can be installed on nearly any surface that will be found in or around your home. Manufactured stone veneers can be used on surfaces like wood, cement, brick, metal, and more. These surfaces might not be compatible with natural stone products.

Additionally, the fact that stone veneer is much lighter makes the installation process easier as well. The heavier natural stone needs much more much support which can make installation much more of a challenge.

Less Effort to Maintain

By nature, natural stone is very rigid with jagged edges. This creates several little nooks and crannies that can be difficult to clean when trying to maintain. When attempting to clean manufactured stone veneer, it’s as simple as wiping it down with a standard cleaning solution. There are no special products or tools needed to upkeep your manufactured stone veneer and keep it looking pristine.

Less Expensive

Perhaps the biggest advantage and the most attractive allure when it comes to manufactured stone veneer over natural stone is cost.  Choosing stone veneer can help save you money. Not only is natural stone materials more expensive, but because they are heavier, they also cost more to ship, adding to their already expensive price tag. If you are trying to mimic the look of natural stone but want to keep costs down, consider choosing manufactured stone veneer.

Wider Range of Options

Every homeowner has their own personal taste. Manufactured stone veneer accommodates this by being offered in various colors and appearances. You can easily find a style that best matches your preferred taste and incorporate it into your home.

Stone Veneer at Garden State Brickface and Siding

We at Garden State Brickface and Siding believe you shouldn’t have to comprise looks for quality. That’s why we offer manufactured stone veneer made by Dutch Quality Stone. Developed by a close group of local artisans from Amish Country in Ohio, our stone veneer exhibits superb quality and displays beautiful craftsmanship that’s designed to last. Dutch Quality Stone siding typically measures 1 to 1.5 inches while weighing less than 15 pounds per square foot. This avoids the need for additional structural support. Our selection of manufactured stone veneer is available in a wide range of colors, textures, and sizes.

Learn More About Our Selection of Stone Veneer Products

At Garden State Brickface and Siding, we are committed to supplying homeowners and commercial property owners with top-quality materials for all of their exterior home improvement projects. We are pleased to offer beautifully manufactured stone veneer made by Dutch Quality Stone. Our advanced offerings involve professional installation for residents across central and northern NJ. Payments plans are available for those who wish to finance their new exterior.

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Benefits of Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding

Our stone veneer siding is formulated of a lightweight concrete mix that is easy to install and less likely to require the extra reinforcement actual stone does, making it even more budget-friendly. Besides a reasonable cost, other benefits of manufactured stone veneer include:

  • An eco-friendly design that doesn’t cause erosion or depletion of the natural environment
  • Durable construction that permanently stays in place
  • Versatility for use on the exterior and interior walls of homes or businesses, as well as chimneys.
  • The ability to recover up to 95.6% of its value, according to our 2020 Cost vs. Value Report
  • More opportunities to customize without a steep increase in price
  • A vast array of colors, profiles, shapes, and sizes for further personalization
  • Exceptional longevity so that it keeps its shape and color over the years
  • An overall increase in value of your home

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Our Selection of Stone Veneer Siding

Once you decide to install stone veneer at your residential or commercial property, there are many factors to consider before deciding which product to get. This includes what your price range is, how long the installation and veneer will last, what the finished stone will look like, and whether or not you are entitled to a warranty. That’s why we ensure our customers are aware of the type of manufactured stone veneer we offer and how we install it.

We choose Dutch Quality Stone, which is an exterior stone veneer developed by a close group of local artisans from Amish Country in Ohio. These talented artisans fuse the standards of tradition and craftsmanship with modern processes to create beautiful and long-lasting products. Primarily intended as a decorative addition to exterior wall surfaces, this stone veneer siding normally measures 1 to 1.5 inches and always weighs less than 15 pounds per square foot to avoid the need for additional structural supports.

Choose Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding from Garden State Brickface and Siding

With manufactured stone veneer, the exterior walls of your home or business can have the same style and quality home of hand-carved stone face at a significantly lower price. For over 70 years, Garden State Brickface and Siding has delivered top-notch workmanship, quality, and professionalism throughout Northern and Central New Jersey, and we’re dedicated to bringing those values to your stone veneer siding installation. To receive a free quote, call us today at 908-241-5900.

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