ProVia Cedar Peaks Vinyl Siding in Central and Northern New Jersey

Cedar Peaks is a high-quality, low-maintenance vinyl siding that offers the look of natural cedar wood in a range of styles and colors that enhance any home exterior design. Garden State Brickface and Siding, serving central and northern New Jersey, is a proud partner of ProVia vinyl siding, as their product quality and dedication to service are second to none. If you’re ready to begin an exterior home renovation, ProVia Cedar Peaks can make your home stand out from the crowd.
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Exceptional Wind Resistance

Independently tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Cedar Peaks vinyl siding has been proven to withstand winds of 238 mph. Designed with a double-ply hem that features a fold-over wind-load design, this durable siding offers exceptional wind resistance. Their patented Twister Lock and Cyclonic Locking System ensures a strong bond between the siding and exterior wall.

Durable and Dependable

ProVia’s Super Polymer formulation features proprietary Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology, weather barrier shield, SPX-2000 UV protection, and Color Keeper Anti-Fade protection. These technologically advanced materials form a strong molecular chain that helps Cedar Peaks vinyl siding resist chalking, peeling, cracking, fading, and thermal expansion and contraction. Perfect for any home exterior remodeling project, it doesn’t require painting, staining, or caulking like other types of siding – simply clean occasionally using mild soap and water. Cedar Peaks also comes with ProVia’s lifetime limited warranty.

Incomparable Color Retention

Preservation of deep, rich color and resistance to unsightly weathering make Cedar Peaks vinyl siding a practical, beautiful choice for your exterior home renovation. ProVia’s Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology and Color Keeper Anti-Fade protection are meticulously engineered to provide heat resistance and optimal color retention. SPX-2000 UV protection helps prevent damage caused by the sun’s harsh UV rays.

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Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Design with ProVia Siding

Cedar Peaks’ realistic wood grain texture, wide array of color options, and varied selection of profiles help make your vision for your home’s exterior a reality. Its patina finish offers the natural look of wood without the maintenance, risk of rot, or insect damage.

Cedar Peaks is available in several profiles, including:

  • Double 4.5” .046” vinyl thickness in 12’ 1” and 16’ 8” lengths
  • Double 4.5” Dutch Lap .046” thickness in 12’ 1” and 16’ 8” lengths
  • 5” Beaded .048” vinyl thickness in 12’ 4” length
  • 8” Board ‘N Batten .050” vinyl thickness in 10’ vertical length
  • 16’ 8” lengths are available for a more seamless appearance

With a multitude of color options to choose from, Cedar Peaks vinyl siding coordinates with all types of materials, including exterior stucco, brick, stone veneer, wood, and more. The Lifestyle Collection features lighter, more neutral options, while the Signature Collection offers rich, bold color choices like Mountain Berry and Nightfall.

This high-performance vinyl siding can be used to everything from a classical, elegant look to a sleek, modern appearance for your home’s exterior design. A perfect marriage of value and beauty, Cedar Peaks provides unlimited possibilities for exterior home renovations or new construction.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

With proper insulation and installation, Cedar Peaks vinyl siding can improve your home’s energy efficiency, keep it more comfortable, and help you save on utility costs. All ProVia siding products contribute to LEED and ICC 700 National Green Building standards. Based in Sugarcreek, Ohio, ProVia is committed to sustainable product development. You can feel good about purchasing products from an American company that actively invests in new technologies that help protect the environment.

Add Value to Your Home With Cedar Peaks Vinyl Siding

An exterior home renovation adds curb appeal and installing new vinyl siding can increase the value of your property. Because ProVia’s Super Polymer formulation offers exceptional weather resistance, UV protection, and anti-fading technology, investing in this quality vinyl siding can keep your home looking great for decades.

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Garden State Brickface and Siding has provided contractors, installers, and homeowners in central and northern New Jersey with quality materials, craftsmanship, and top-notch service for more than 70 years. To learn more about ProVia Cedar Peaks vinyl siding and to schedule your free estimate, contact us online or call 908-241-5900. We serve customers throughout northern and central New Jersey.

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