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Window replacement is a great way to improve the look of your home while adding long-term value. Replacement windows from Garden State Brickface and Siding offer residents in Central and Northern New Jersey beauty, functionality, and energy savings, all at affordable prices.
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FREE quotes are provided to residential customers who own and live in the home. Quotes subject to fees include but are not limited to; are homes the customer do not own, rental properties, properties listed for sale, insurance claims, commercial properties, etc.

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Window Features

Our replacement window options from Interstate Window & Door Company offer the following:
  • Limited lifetime warranties
  • Energy Star and NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) certification
  • Materials engineered for exceptional strength to assure optimum functionality
  • Chamber design for increased energy retention
  • Durable frames for increased stability
  • Sturdy, durable hardware designed for longevity, convenience, and ease of operation

Benefits of Interstate Windows

All three of our replacement window options from Interstate Window & Door Company are certified by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and Energy Star, so you can be assured of their energy-saving performance. Strong energy efficiency reduces heating and cooling bills, saving you money in the long run. Features include:
  • Low-E glass (also called “low-emissivity glass”) to maximize energy ratings and minimize infrared and ultraviolet light
  • Multi-chambered frames with ClimaGuard® glass and insulating argon gas
  • Sealing systems to reduce air entering the window
  • Duralite™ spacers to trap air for superior thermal operation in hot or cold weather

Model 5200 Vinyl Windows

Interstate’s Model 5200 vinyl replacement windows are constructed of quality materials and components made in the United States and meet high standards for energy efficiency.

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Model 6800 Vinyl Windows

Interstate’s Model 6800 vinyl replacement windows offer state-of-the-art design with beauty, performance, and durability.


Model 9800 Composite Windows

Interstate’s Model 9800 composite replacement windows give you the beauty of wood combined with the superior durability and low maintenance of vinyl.


Wood & Vinyl Replacement Windows For Your Home. Get a Free Quote!

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*Certain terms and conditions may apply- Garden State Brickface and Siding provides FREE estimates to residential customers who own and live in the home. Any/all property owner parties must be present for the consultation. Estimates subject to fees include but are not limited to; homes the customer does not own, properties listed or sale, insurance claims, commercial projects, etc.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The replacement windows in each series are made of low-E glass that is manufactured to meticulous specifications. Numerous low-E packages are available for each series to fully maximize your energy rating. For greater efficiency, the windows also feature multi-chambered frames with ClimaGuard® glass and insulating argon gas in between the glass panels. A sealing system that mitigates the amount of air that enters the window is found in all three series to increase the energy efficiency of your replacement windows.

Duralite™ Spacers offer even more protection, making these replacement windows some of the most efficient in the industry. Comprising a hollow cavity that traps air for superior thermal operation and an adhesive that’s formulated to resist extended UV and water contact, Duralite™ delivers enhanced perimeter seal longevity and added performance in hot and cold conditions.

High Functionality

All three replacement window series are constructed with materials and components engineered for exceptional strength. Durable structural framing and an actual chamber design deliver heightened stability and increased energy retention, making these windows some of the most high-functioning choices on the market.
Besides being low-profile to suit the style of your window, the included hardware is designed for longevity and convenience. For example, two of the series feature the Light-Lift™ SP window sash balance system, which allows the sashes to move up and down seamlessly for a quiet and effortless operation. A sturdy hardware design also ensures the lock-and-tilt latches on the replacement windows will work well for years to come.

Styles, Colors, and Other Aesthetic Options

If you don’t want to go with the standard white or clay finish, all three series offer 14 stock colors and additional premium or custom colors to complement your house’s exterior. The inside portion of the window can also be personalized with four standard wood finishes or left in an unfinished pine wood that can be stained or painted to match your home’s décor.

You can enhance your window installation with the various matching grid profiles and patterns offered by each series to evoke a traditional colonial or modern prairie appearance. These profiles can be installed internally between the glass panes for easy cleaning or permanently adhered to the glass panes’ exterior for a more realistic look, known as Simulated Divided Lites.

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With the extensive benefits and styles of our replacement windows, you’ll be sure to find a high-quality and budget-friendly option that suits your needs. We are proud to provide both small and large clients in Central and Northern New Jersey with high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, and we’ll deliver the same top-notch service with your window installation. Contact us at 908-241-5900 to request a free quote.

White is the standard color for 5200 and 9800 Series, and White &Clay for the 6800 Series
White, Clay
Choose from 14 stock colors for the 5200, 6800, 9800 Series of replacement windows
Choose from 34 Premium Special-Order Colors for the 5200, 6800 and 9800 series of replacement windows
Match to a color of your choosing for the 6800 and 9200 Series replacement windows

Homeowners have options for a custom look on the interior side of the windows ranging from four standard wood finish colors and even an unfinished pine wood, which can be stained or painted for the perfect aesthetics to complement the interior home decor.

The 6800 and 9800 Series is a great option for our customers.

Standard Interior Stock Laminations for the 6800 Series

Interstate windows can be visually enhanced by adding optional Grid Profiles and patterns, which vary by Series and simulate individual panes of glass within the same window opening to match the look of older Colonial windows or a more modern look with Prairie Grids on the 9800 Series.

Grids can be installed either internally — between the panes of glass for easier cleaning — or permanently adhered to the exterior of the glass — called Simulated Divide Lites — which give the window style a more authentic look.

Grid Profiles vary on Window Replacement Series
Sample Grid Layout options vary on Window Replacement Series


Each window Series Garden State Brickface offers come in several styles:

  • Double Hung
  • Two-andThree-Sash Sliders
  • Picture Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Bow and Bay Windows
  • Patio Doors
  • Basement/Hopper windows available with optional dryer vent
  • Architectural Shapes
  • And More …
  • Multichambered frame designed for strength and energy efficiency by isolating the exterior with a series of chambers to minimize energy transfer in either direction.
  • ¾-insulated-glass units for greater thermal control.
  • DuraliteTM – Interstate’s top-of-the-line insulated glass spacer.
  • Option for Low-E Glass and argon gas system.
  • Four-point welded corners at the sash and frame for generating increased strength.
  • Interstate has its LightLiftTM SP balance system for almost effortless opening and closing.
  • Easy to clean with tilt-in sashes.
  • Reduced drafts with balance cover and dual continuous weather stripping.
  • Night latches
  • Foam filled jambs for added energy efficiency.
  • An optional continuous head and sills on many multiple window units
  • Limited lifetime warranty on windows units.
  • Independently laboratory tested and certification from NFRC and Energy Star.
  • Increased structural strength using InNergy composite reinforcement to hold up against punishing wind-driven rain and winds up to 148 MPH.
  • Storm interlock design maximizes structural performance.
  • InNergy additionally offers high-thermal performance for increased energy efficiency.
  • InVision windows – slimmer frame design resulting in more light versus the traditional windows.
  • Minimum air infiltration: Six times less air leakage for double-hung and 15 times less for casement per Energy-Star qualification.
  • More vinyl by weight than most standard double hung windows by 20% or more.
  • Better internal chamber design eliminates the need for foam infill and increases structural strength.
  • Increased visual appeal.
  • Light-LiftTM SP system for easy opening and closing.
  • Optional Robo-Sync lock system for easy locking and tilt to clean from one central point.
  • Increased grid options and Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) for more realistic look.
  • Four stock interior laminate woodgrains for enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • Low-E glass and argon gas system.
  • Unlimited Exterior Custom and color matching paint
  • TrueView FlexScreens standard on casement and awning windows.
  • Increased energy rating over the 5200 series.
  • Allows for bow and bay windows with all plywood head and seat board in birch or oak with optional insulation.
  • DuraliteTm
  • Patio doors using the same features and benefits.
  • Enhanced selection of hardware including brushed brass and nickel finish.
  • Options for new construction installations.
  • Continuous head and sill allow for multiple units to factory-mulled in a single-master frame offering a better stable, structural, and weather tight unit for installation.
  • Independently laboratory tested and certification from NFRC and Energy Star.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on windows units.
  • Composite wood made of a proprietary blend of acrylic resin and special polymers for a superior wood engineered composite
  • Solid Core material, no internal chambering need like vinyl.
  • InFusion welded corners, which offers a superior weatherproof joint.
  • Permanently fused surface technology during the extrusion process called “SuperCapTM
  • Best overall window energy efficiency with the lowest thermal conductivity or K-Value.
  • Five times superior screw retention over fiberglass.
  • Optional Solar Heat Guard 62
  • Very low air infiltration rates due to multiple weather strip paths and interlocking sash and jamb design.
  • DuraliteTM
  • Superior finish and durability to avoid maintenance.
  • The composite will not absorb water or moisture and will not rot.
  • The composite does not host mold or mildew.
  • A dent resistance superior over other wood composites.
  • Made for costal climates in addition to normal climates where salt-air corrosion is an issue.
  • Resists insect damage.
  • Premium performance hardware.
  • Available in rolling patio and swing doors.
  • Optional interior real Eastern pine wood veneer that can be stained or painted.
  • TrueView FlexScreen eliminates bowed and improper screen fit with the added benefit of no unsightly screen frame lines.
  • NFRC certified with additional third-party laboratory testing.
  • Exceeds Energy-Star R energy performance standards.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

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