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Steel Spandrel beam conditions behind Brick Lintel

Signs it is Time for Facade Renovation in New Jersey

Steel Spandrel beam conditions behind Brick Lintel

The façade of a building is what provides those passing by with a first impression. If the façade isn’t pristine, it may indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t realize when there is an issue with their building’s façade. The good news is, there are some tell-tale signs that it is time for facade renovation in New Jersey, which are highlighted here.


If a person knows what to listen for, their building may actually talk to them and let them know that it is time for facade renovation in Long Island. For example, cracks are the materials’ way of showing that the building wants to move, but can’t, or that it is under too much stress. There are some materials, such as stucco and concrete that will develop fine shrinkage cracks over time. These are not a cause for concern.

However, signs that indicate a more serious issue include vertical cracks that run up concrete, wide cracks, or cracks that are close to the corner of a building. If any of these issues are noticed, it is best to have a professional evaluate the damage.


As the temperature changes, building materials will begin to move. There are some materials that even move in response to changes in moisture. However, if a building owner notices obvious signs of displacement of one material compared to another, this may indicate there is a lack of the proper control joints to accommodate these movements. If the problem is allowed to persist, then displacement may occur, which can result in severe damage to the materials, and may even pose a danger to the public. At this point, seeking building restoration in New Jersey is best to fix the issue before it has the opportunity to get worse.

When it comes to facade restoration in New York, it is best to find a quality company for the job. If the process is not done correctly, more issues may arise. If a building owner has more questions about the process or what needs to be done, they can speak with professionals about building restoration in Long Island. This is the best way to ensure the proper repairs are provided.

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