Stone Siding Makes Storefront Design Stand Out

Coffee shop with attractive stone veneer exterior

In the world of business, it’s important to stand out from your competition. Businesses are continuously looking for ways to gain a competitive edge. Upgrading your storefront design provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your brand, and attract new customers who are passing by. Stone veneer siding can help the front of your store go from ordinary to extraordinary, catching the eyes of all those who see it.

For over 70 years, Garden State Brickface and Siding has been providing premium building materials to clients in central and northern New Jersey. We specialize in stone veneer, vinyl siding, stucco, and brickface installation. Here, we explain how stone veneer can give your storefront or place of business a welcoming entrance that pops, as well as discussing the other advantages you can expect.

Eye-Catching Design

Few building materials can turn heads the way stone veneer siding does. Admired for its elegant look, stone veneer flawlessly mimics the appearance of natural stone, providing a timeless design. Striking and beautiful, stone veneer helps businesses stand out from all others on the block. This exposure can give businesses an advantage over their competition.

Additionally, stone veneer siding is available in an assortment of colors, profiles, shapes, and sizes. This promotes further personalization and allows business owners or commercial property owners to better match their siding to their brand.

Other Useful Advantages

In addition to increasing appeal and creating an inviting entrance for your storefront, stone veneer has several other useful advantages. Additional reasons you should consider adding stone veneer siding to your storefront include:

Minimal Upkeep

When it comes to running your business, maintaining the appearance of your storefront usually gets moved down on the list of things to do. However, a storefront that’s not well maintained can turn off potential customers, resulting in a loss of business. Therefore, business owners need a building material that requires minimal maintenance.

Maintaining the eye-catching appearance of stone veneer siding is simple and requires very little effort. All it takes is wiping down the stone veneer with a standard cleaning solution. No special products or harsh chemicals are needed. The minimal upkeep allows business owners to allocate more of their time to other important aspects of the operation.

Superior Durability

Whether you’re an established business or just opening up shop, chances are you plan to stick around for a while. Therefore, you’ll want to outfit your storefront with a building material that’s going to last.

Made from exceptionally tough, durable materials, clients can expect their stone veneer siding to last with proper installation. It can withstand various weather conditions and protect businesses from harsh elements. In addition, because stone veneer siding permanently stays in place, it keeps its appeal season after season. The proven durability of stone veneer ensures your storefront will continue to stand out.

Easy to Install

Stone veneer siding is formulated from a lightweight concrete mix. Because it doesn’t require extra reinforcement like other siding materials, it’s easy to install on your storefront. Stone veneer siding can be installed on top of almost any subsurface. That means surfaces like wood, cement, brick, metal, and more can easily be covered with stone veneer siding to create the desired look for your business.


Another great benefit of stone veneer siding is its versatility. Business owners can choose to upgrade their storefront, as well as their store’s interior walls. Doing so provides a uniform design inside and out.

Stone Veneer Siding at Garden State Brickface and Siding

Upgrade your storefront and help it stand out with stone veneer siding from Garden State Brickface and Siding. For over 70 years, we have been supplying residential and commercial clients in central and northern New Jersey, including Sussex and Hunterdon counties, with premium quality building materials and trusted services. Keeping with our mission of providing our clients with the best products available, we source our stone veneer from Dutch Quality Stone. They are a group of artisans who are known for producing immaculate stone veneer siding by fusing together traditional craftsmanship with modern processes.

In addition to our premium services, Garden State Brickface and Siding is pleased to offer adorable financing options to customers who qualify. Our financing options are designed to make home improvement projects more feasible. For more information regarding stone veneer siding and how it can increase the curb appeal of your storefront, or to hear more about the ways our team can serve your business, contact us today to request a free quote.