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Dear Mike,
I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. We were completely satisfied with the job that was done on our house this fall of 2015.

When we were shopping around for a company that could replace the front of our Tudor home we met with Dan Frazier your salesman and he sold the job. Dan was extremely nice and completely thorough. He was a pleasure to work with. In fact all of your workers were great. The job was handled with professionalism and in a timely fashion. The clean up was awesome.

Please feel free to take pictures of the job and use it in your books. Your customers will love the way it looks. You can also include our name on your reference list.

Bob and Cathy H., Middletown, NJ - Monmouth County
To: Michael Erickson, Lori Rizzolo, John Glynn, and Todd and his crew:

Thank you so much for the wonderful work which you completed on my property over the last three days.

I am completely satisfied with the work and looking forward to doing business with you and your company in the near future. Everyone was so professional, courteous, and respectful for the customer’s needs. It was a rather difficult work project, given the daily temperatures reaching into the 90’s.

Apparently quite a number of my neighbors were so impressed with the work, they stopped by and requested business cards from Todd (Project Manager).

My recommendation is to provide your staff in the field with business cards which they can submit to potential customers for future work.

Again, thank you all and best of health. Have a wonderful weekend.

Willie F, East Elmhurst, NY
I wish to commend you and Garden State Brickface for the work done at my house. As you know, the original work was done over twenty years ago – with care and precision – and has certainly stood the test of time.

My thanks to the Garden State Brickface designer, the foreman and his crew.

I. M. Pei (world renowned Architect), New York City, NY
My husband and I would like to thank Garden State Brickface for a job well done. The foreman and his crew were great workers and your staff answered all my questions. I was very pleased with the attention to detail and the way they cleaned up after each day. Our home looks great!
Mrs. Mercy D., Union, NJ, Union County
A recommendation from Felician Sisters, Immaculate Conception Province:
During the summer of 2009, the Felician Sisters engaged Garden State Brickface to do a major facelift of the foundational buildings on the property.

These buildings are almost a century old and many of the original bricks were weatherbeaten, compromising the integrity of the buildings. The Felician Sisters called in a Garden State representative and from that point on, the professional contact between our religious community and Garden State has been most impressive.

The sales rep from Garden State surveyed the entire building, explained what was needed to the Felician Sisters’ contact group, and described how the project would get done during the summer before the start of the school year. When the labor force came on site, each member was professional, respectful, dedicated and conscientious. The foreman of the work crew was outstanding and made himself available for questions and comments from the Felician Sisters. The company planned their work so that there was little interference with the usual routine at the convent nor Felician College’s Kirby Hall. The crew was so task-oriented that the project was completed ahead of time. Materials were always neatly stored and the worksite was left in order at the end of the day. Safety was of prime concern. At the project’s end, repairs were made where heavy cranes and scaffolding had caused unavoidable landscape and sidewalk damage.

Now the Felician Sisters are praising God for a wonderful exterior “facelift.” The buildings look beautiful. It almost appears that a magic wand was used to transform the buildings. Everything is back in place, neat and attractive.

The Felician Sisters acknowledge the outstanding work of this company and readily recommend Garden State Brickface Company to both individual home owners and to those responsible for larger institutions. Their reputation as a premier company is really deserved.

Sister Mary Bridget Becker, Felician Sisters, Immaculate Conception Province
My husband Joe and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the way our house turned out. From the set-up crew to the stucco crew, the job was done neatly and well. The crews were pleasant and always unobtrusive. Please feel free to use our name as a positive reference!
Mary C., Neshanic Station, NJ, Somerset County
A quick note to tell you how pleased we were with the efforts put forth by your people.

Your crew arrived expecting a simple two- hour job to replace a few corroded fascia “boards” which I had identified. Under their professional scrutiny, however, they found a lot more problems than my aging eyes were able to see. Didn’t phase them in the least. They went about their business and fixed all that needed to be fixed. Five hours later they departed leaving new fascia “boards” all around and leaving the premises looking neat and clean.

You can be proud of the very professional and business-like manner your staff displayed in getting the job done.

Donald A., Larchmont, NY, Westchester County
This is just a short letter that my husband and I would like you to present in one of your next group meetings with your employees.

Your sales representative took the time to explain everything involved, showed us colors and exactly what had to be done, also helped us pick out colors to accent the house. It came out beautiful.

The foreman and his crew were also excellent. They all worked well together and all of them were nice people. When they left at the end of their day, you wouldn’t even know…the clean-up was gone.

We would like to thank Garden State Brickface for a wonderful job that you have done on our front wall, and the workers that you sent here.

I must add this: More people are noticing this house now more than ever. We have a lot of “Lookie Lou’s” now. It really stands out.

Thank you.

Marilyn and Bill A., Franklin Lakes, NJ, Bergen County

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