Vinyl Or Composite Replacement Windows: Which One Should You Choose?

Replacement windows come in all types of sizes, shapes, and styles, with a variety of materials to choose from. Making an informed decision about replacement window options can help to ensure you’re pleased with the final product. At Garden State Brickface & Siding, we offer vinyl and composite windows in an assortment of styles and colors and can help you understand the differences between the two materials.

Vinyl Vs. Composite Windows

Both vinyl and composite windows are durable and require minimal maintenance. They function smoothly and don’t chip, warp, or rot as wood frames can. However, there are some pros and cons to each type.


One of the most common materials used for windows today, vinyl is a man-made substance that is resistant to moisture and rot. They won’t warp due to extreme heat or cold and stand up well to inclement weather conditions like high winds. Depending on how well they are maintained and the quality of the windows, they can last for up to 30 years.

Composite windows are also quite durable. The composite windows offered at Garden State Brickface & Siding and are made from a proprietary blend of acrylic resin and special polymers for a superior wood-engineered composite. Unlike vinyl, this material can be recycled. Composite is also resistant to mold, rot, and salt-air corrosion in coastal areas. Both vinyl and composite windows will last through many frigid New Jersey winters and blazing hot summers.

Energy Efficiency

Both types of windows offer a high degree of energy efficiency, as they don’t gap or crack as often as wood or aluminum windows do. The main features of most modern windows that enhance energy efficiency are double and triple panes of glass with Low-E coating, which blocks solar heat in the summer and prevents heat loss when the mercury drops. For greater efficiency, many windows also feature multi-chambered frames with insulating argon gas in between the panels. A sealing system that mitigates the amount of air that enters can be found in both types of window replacement options.


Vinyl and composite windows come in a range of colors that can complement your home’s exterior. The interior frame and sill of the window can also be personalized with wood finishes or left in an unfinished wood that can be stained or painted to your liking. Both types can be visually enhanced by adding grid patterns that make the windows appear to have multiple panes of glass.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Any kind of window should be inspected, cleaned, and maintained regularly. Vinyl and composite windows are easy to care for. Simply use a glass cleaner on panes and wipe down frames and sills with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Many replacement window options come with tilt-in sashes that are easy to clean. Removing dirt from tracks and wiping with a silicone lubricant can help to ensure the smooth operation of the sash. If you notice any small gaps or cracks, take care of them as soon as possible. Larger splits and gaps may require professional repair or replacement.


Vinyl windows are one of the most affordable replacement options out there, but the cost varies depending on the type, brand, and features you choose. Composite windows can be more expensive, but can be painted or re-stained, and may add more to the resale value of your home.

It’s All About Choice

Your personal preferences and budget will play a part in the type of replacement window option you choose. Either vinyl or composite is a solid choice. Both can enhance the look of your home, increase energy efficiency, and weather almost anything mother nature throws your way.

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