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Vinyl Siding Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Once a construction project is completed on a house, all edges and corners sealed off, the constant need for care and maintenance follows. A new vinyl siding work is no exception.

Although the material is not as susceptible to harsh environmental elements as wood, preserving your siding’s condition is quite straightforward.

Prevention Before Intervention

You can prevent the need for invasive repairs through pre-planning.

  • The siding should be firmly attached to the base surface to avoid being pulled off by extreme external conditions. This calls for an attention to finishing. If you reside in a region more likely to suffer from an onslaught of hurricanes, go the extra mile for superior attachment.
  • Trimming the trees and shrubs surrounding the siding is wise. Keep sharp corners from poking and scratching the siding surfaces.

After-Service Care

A quality vinyl siding installation can be expected to last for about 20 to 25 years. To preserve its appearance, wash the siding a couple of times a year, or depending on the weather conditions.

All that is required is a mild, preferably eco-friendly detergent mixed with water, a medium-impact scrubbing tool such as a sponge or a brush, and a simple garden hose. Power-washing is generally not necessary; just a simple garden hose should remove most dust.

For more stubborn dirt, scrub the surface with detergent, paying close attention to any stains and smudges. The buildup of grime typically results from exhaust smoke and other pollutants.

Avoid using certain harsh materials:

  • Mildew killer solutions
  • Bleach
  • Strong laundry detergents

Though these compounds are a quick-fix for stains and smudges, the impact on color and design of the siding is detrimental.

Rework For Remodeling

Vinyl coloring is not a surface coat, but infused with the material, which means it cannot be erased. If the original shade no longer appeals to you, you can opt to paint the siding. A couple of coats of a quality 100% acrylic latex paint are a great option for a stylish and durable finish.

Bear in mind that the paint will eventually wear off, and you will have to have the siding repainted periodically.

A consideration to maintenance on your part will keep your vinyl siding looking new for a long time.

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