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before stucco siding by exterior Stucco Contractor

Why Invest in Residential Facade Renovation in New Jersey?

before stucco siding by exterior Stucco ContractorResidential facade renovation in New Jersey can increase the value of the home, cut energy costs, and protect the structure. There are several signs that will indicate the safety and structural integrity of the home may benefit from building restoration in New Jersey. Cracking or loose bricks or stones, for example, can become a safety hazard if not fixed. Shallow mortar joints indicate the same problem. Visible water flow patterns on the surface are signs of leaks and cracks. That means water is infiltrating the exterior and getting into the walls. That can ruin insulation, promote mold growth, and rot structural beams. It also allows insects and rodents to find ways into the home. Excessive peeling of paint, or areas of dirt accumulation, are also indicative of the need for facade renovation in Long Island. The damage can become severe, if left untreated.

Another reason to invest in building restoration in Long Island is cost-effectiveness. Restoration and renovations are less expensive than tearing down exterior walls or sections of the home. Most materials used for facade restoration in New York, for example, can be installed over existing surfaces. Cement stucco, or synthetic stucco, is quick to apply, is impact resistant, and has lower installation and maintenance costs compared to other materials. It also has natural insulation properties. When applied to wood, some preparation is required, but that only entails a thin layer of insulation and waterproofing. Both increase energy cost savings once in place. Bricks and stone are also better insulators than vinyl siding or wood. Updating the facade of the home can make an older house appear brand new for less cost than other home improvement projects, such as tearing down a porch or entrance to rebuild.

The market price for a home that appears dull, decaying, or faded can be much lower than the actual value of the house. Selecting a new facade can increase the market value exponentially, helping homeowners realize a high return on their investment. Color, texture, and style options vary greatly, allowing for most tastes and preferences. An experienced restoration and facade renovation company can provide on-site inspections to provide recommendations and free estimates. A home is one of the largest investments people will make in a life time. Investing a little more in cost-effective renovations will help protect that asset, and restore the beauty of the family home.

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