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Side Facade prior to brick restoration repair for lintels

Wind, Rain and Birds Create the Need for Facade Renovation in New Jersey

Side Facade prior to brick restoration repair for lintels

Massive plaster, brick and stucco buildings may look indestructible, but these structures are very susceptible to damage from the elements. Over time the edges are chipped away, details are lost and colors fade. Many of the buildings are historic and beautiful and their foundations are still strong. Protecting them saves money and keeps the neighborhoods they reside in more appealing. This is why facade renovation in New Jersey and the surrounding areas is so important.

Acid rain is a common threat in many cities around the world. The corrosive liquid causes pitting and staining on many types of materials. The damage is reversible through building restoration in Long Island. Expert builders recreate detailed trim pieces and sculpted components and power wash or chemically clean away the stains that prevent exteriors from looking their best. Waterproofing the building at the same time prevents interior damage and guarantees that the building will remain stable.

Wind is another concern for all exteriors. Tall buildings are particularly at risk because of the constant heavy winds buffeting them. However, every building experiences damage over time from the wind. The dirt and sand, litter and tree branches carried by the wind strikes against the exteriors and causes enormous damage. It is not uncommon for facade renovation in Long Island to become an emergency project when hurricanes and other severe storms strike the area.

There are additional risks from insects, rodents and birds to consider as well. Birds play a large role in the diminished of the appearance of many buildings. They build nests and leave behind droppings that contain acids that cause corrosion. The small pitting and cracks fill with moisture that freezes in the winter and leads to larger cracks. Through building restoration in New Jersey the mess they create is cleared away and the cracks and pits are covered to return the facade back to its original beautiful appearance.

There are many reasons why facade restoration in New York is necessary, but the best reason for property owners to use the service is to save their investment. The exterior of every building is the shell that protects the interior. Its appearance determines whether people want to live or do business there. The curb appeal influences the overall value of the property and how quickly it is able to sell. A small investment on the facade will produce numerous rewards.

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