Window Repair and Maintenance: Are You Ready for Winter?

As temperatures drop throughout the fall, it’s a good time to inspect your windows and get them ready for winter weather. Checking for air leaks and doing any window repair that’s needed can help keep your home toasty and cut down on utility costs during frigid New Jersey winters. For more than 70 years, Garden State Brickface and Siding has been a trusted contractor for residential and commercial customers in central and northern New Jersey. These tips can help you get your windows ready for winter and keep your family comfortable.

Inspect Windows

First, inspect your windows, both inside and out. Look for any cracks, gaps, or rotting trim. Remove screens, clean them, and store them in a dry place. An easy way to detect drafts inside is by lighting a candle and carefully moving it around the window. If it flickers, there’s likely a draft in that area. Look for condensation between panes and make sure the glass is intact. If you detect any cracks, it’s best to get your windows repaired or replaced before cold weather sets in.

Seal Windows

Poorly sealed windows can cause your furnace to work overtime and drive up heating costs. Drafts can also make it tough to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Use weather-stripping and waterproof caulk to block any gaps or cracks causing drafts. Draft blockers on windowpanes and thermal window treatments can also help keep cold air out. If your window frames are warped or seals are badly damaged, it’s probably time to consider investing in replacement windows.

Clean Windows

An important part of window maintenance is keeping your windows clean. Dirt and grime can scratch glass and collect in tracks, preventing windows from sealing as tight as they should. Regular window cleaning also gives you a clear view of the outside and allows sunlight to stream in throughout the year.

Lock Windows

Once your windows are sealed and cleaned, you’ll want to make sure they’re tightly closed and locked. Check to make sure the top pane is closed all the way, and then lock the window. Locked windows not only keep your home safe, but they also help create a tight seal as well.

Control Condensation

When the warm air inside your home meets cold air from outside, it can cause condensation on the inside of your windows. If you notice moisture, simply wipe it away with a soft rag. If certain areas of your home are particularly humid, you may want to run a dehumidifier.

Consider Replacement Windows

If your existing windows are drafty, difficult to operate, damaged, or outdated, consider investing in replacement windows. Energy-efficient homes typically feature windows with Low-E glass and multi-chambered frames with insulating argon gas in between panes. Both composite and vinyl windows are durable and attractive and are available in a wide range of colors and styles. If you’re thinking about replacing just a few windows, keep in mind that whole-house window replacement looks great and can increase your home’s value. Not to mention that replacing all your windows at once may be more economical in the long run with the money you’ll save on heating and cooling costs.

The window replacement professionals at Garden State Brickface and Siding can help you find high-quality, budget-friendly options that suit your specific needs. Our team offers top-notch window installation and other services that can be performed in as little as one day.

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